In A Bold Move, Walmart Pulls Product To Stop Sexual Exploitation Of Teens

Women across the world read fashion magazines.

But in recent years, the typical fashion magazine has become trashy, as retailers are pushing the envelope to sell products – even at the expense of exploiting young women.

However, one magazine has gone over the top, and you won’t believe the sexual acts they’re encouraging young girls to partake in.

And because the magazine’s stories were promoting promiscuity to teens, among other perverse acts – Walmart had enough and pulled the plug.

Instead of keeping this trashy magazine on its shelves, Walmart has sent a strong message to this magazine, and hopefully other stores will take suit.

Live Action reported:

‘The National Center on Sexual Exploitation called this a “family-friendly decision” and “sexploitation-free” in a public statement praising Walmart’s move:

Walmart is using its platform to take a stand against sexual exploitation, by instituting a broad sweep of all Walmart stores, removing Cosmopolitan Magazine from each and every checkout aisle. This unprecedented effort will impact more than 5,000 stores across our nation.

That’s over 5,000 stores where families and individuals will no longer be automatically exposed to Cosmo’s hypersexualized and degrading article titles that regularly promote pornography, sexting, BDSM, group sex, anal sex, and more, all while marketing toward young teens with Disney star cover models.”

Cosmopolitan knows impressionable young teens read their magazines.

Instead of pumping them full of positive affirmations and teaching them life skills to help them succeed in life, Cosmo teaches them to focus only on the exterior.

Even worse, Cosmopolitan encourages young teens to use their body as a ploy to attract and seduce men.

Teaching outlandish acts like group sex and BDSM and making them seem normal, continues to drive young girls down a dark path.

Young girls deserve better. Women deserve better.

But that’s not all.

Cosmopolitan has openly taken a stand against life, by endorsing abortion.

Instead of using their platform to promote life, Cosmopolitan chooses death, stating a young woman may need to “terminate” her pregnancy.

Live Action continued:

“In 2014, Amy Odell, editor of led the magazine’s political efforts, which included endorsing candidates.

Odell flat-out stated, “We’re not going to endorse someone who is pro-life because that’s not in our readers’ best interest.”

 She went on to describe that young women in particular might need to “terminate[] a pregnancy,” all while failing to mention that what they really need in modern society is support to give life to their children, even in less than ideal circumstances.

For decades, Cosmo’s agenda has been nearly identical to Planned Parenthood’s: objectify women as sex objects, claim sex is the most important part of a woman’s life, and push abortion on them.”

As Cosmopolitan continues to lure young women to read their trashy magazine with flashy covers, one can only hope more stores will follow Walmart’s lead.

It’s one thing to teach young girls how to develop a good skin routine or recommend products for their hair type.

Or teach them how to avoid gossip, or save for college.

But teaching teens to participate in perverse sexual acts continues to insult women everywhere, and encourages sexual predators to prey on young women.

Yanking Cosmopolitan off the shelves is a good first step, but there are still other magazines such as Teen Vouge which routinely post stories promoting the pro-LGBT agenda while encouraging teens to be sexually active.

Teen Vogue even had a story titled “What To Get A Friend Post-Abortion.”

Let’s hope Walmart continues the trend of pulling these magazines off the shelves, and sets an example for other retailers.

Would you let your daughter read Cosmopolitan?

Do you think Walmart made the right call to ban Cosmopolitan from their shelves?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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