School Brainwashes Girl To Refer To Herself As A Boy And Father Forced To Comply

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash


Counselors and teachers have long used their power and authority to indoctrinate children to support the LGBT agenda, and you won’t believe the turmoil one counselor has caused a family.

One father is living a real-life nightmare after a counselor convinced his precious daughter that she’s really a boy – going so far as to recommend testosterone treatments against his wishes.

And now – the courts have stepped in claiming if the father doesn’t comply and refer to his daughter as a boy – he’ll be arrested for violence.

It all started when his middle school daughter had a crush on her teacher to such an extreme she was asked to leave the class.

Wanting her to seek help for her “boy crazy” ways, the young girl began seeing a counselor.

But instead of dealing with her infatuation, the counselor went on to convince the young girl that she was actually  a “gay boy in a girl’s body.”

Say what?

Because a young middle school girl thought her male teacher was cute she is now somehow gay?

Desperate to get his daughter the mental health she needed and show she wasn’t gay, this frantic dad turned to the British Columbia Children’s hospital for guidance.

But instead of helping his daughter, they further pushed the LGBT agenda onto her, and even went so far as to eliminate his power as a father to stop it.

LifeSite News reported:

“Instead of assessing his daughter, B.C. Children’s tried to start testosterone therapy at her first visit. After refusing to sign the consent forms for his daughter to start treatment, Hoogland received a letter in the mail stating he could no longer have access to his daughter’s medical records nor was his consent required for future procedures due to the Infants Act, which allows a minor to consent to their own medical procedure without parental consent.

This letter sparked a legal battle of Hoogland against his daughter, who had an activist attorney fighting for her transition. The judge at the time ordered Hoogland to use male pronouns when speaking about his daughter, to affirm her in her desires to transition, and placed a gag order on him. Anything besides championing his daughter’s “transition” would be considered “family violence.” 

This is child abuse to the extreme.

For a deranged pro-LGBT counselor to take advantage of a troubled girl, and actually convince her to become a boy pitting her against her own father is unconscionable.

Every trained counselor knows the deadly effect gender “transitions” have on teens once they grow up into the real world – and realize their decisions are often irreversible.

And then for healthcare workers to step in and further try and pit the girl against her father, even going so far as to remove his authority over making decisions for his own child shows just how far the LGBT agenda has crept into society.

Even the legal system tried to “gag him” to silence, threatening to arrest him for violence, simply for trying to help his own daughter.

LGBT activists know the only way they’ll succeed is if they remove the authority parents have over their children so they can do with them as they wish.

Now more than ever, parents need to be aware what is happening in their children’s schools and keep the line of communication open.

And as this story reveals yet again, not all “counselors” are safe and those with LGBT influence end up doing lasting harm to children who need help.

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