Keep Your Children Safe From Sexual Abuse With These Simple Steps

There are countless dangers to our children’s innocence with predators, and the liberals’ attacks on sexual identity.

Apart from being a hermit, which is neither healthy nor functional for your children, facing challenges in society seems inevitable.

As a parent, we want to do all we can to shield our young one’s hearts and minds from perversion and ill fate.

The recent travesty exposed with the Catholic Church and the hundreds of innocent lives that were damaged by sexual abuse, makes us aware of the dangers lurking in the most trusting of places.

Independent reported:

An estimated 300 Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania molested more than 1,000 children – and possibly many more – since the 1940s, according to a scathing Pennsylvania grand jury report that accused senior church officials, including the man who is now archbishop of Washington, DC, of systematically covering up complaints.”

In 2002, sexual abuse within the Catholic Church became grossly apparent with horrendous accounts of children being harmed surfacing.

This led the bishops in the US to enact reforms for reporting sexual abuse, and a process for removing perpetrators from the church.

With cases still coming to light over fifteen years later, it is obvious that something needs to change, and that putting the safety of our children into someone else’s hands is not the answer.

But what can we do? Can we be in the world without things of the world harming our families?

While there are no sure fire ways to guarantee sexual abuse will never be an issue with your children, or someone you know, there are precautions you can take.

You can greatly reduce the chances of someone in your family becoming a part of the saddening statistics concerning sexual abuse by implementing some of these tips.

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