Disney Airs Sickening New ‘Transgender’ Kid Political Ad 

Photo by S Woodside on Flickr.com


Disney is at it again and you won’t believe what they’ve done this time.

Showcasing their obsession with promoting “transgenderism” to children they’re airing a sick new ad from Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and you won’t believe what is shows.

Proving to the world just how political they’ve gone – here are the shocking details of what Disney plans to air.  

There are plenty of family-friendly ads Disney could showcase.

Families gathered together around the dinner table.

Fathers playing catch with their son outside.

Mamas raising up future generations and pouring their love into their families.

But instead of something wholesome and pure – Disney decides to air an ad of a radical leftist running for office in Texas – who has a “transgender” child.

The Christian Post reported:

“The 60-second public service announcement, initially released by LGBT advocacy organization GLAAD, highlights the Briggle family. Amber Briggle, the family’s matriarch, is featured alongside her husband and their two children, one of which is a biological female who now identifies as a boy named Max.

In the ad, Briggle, a progressive activist running for City Council in Denton, Texas, highlighted Max’s interests – doing backflips and playing the ukulele – as she stressed that transgender children “are no different than yours.”

“Max” is shown in the ad with short hair and smiling through life – as if “changing genders” was the solution to help her live out her full potential.

Of course, the whole point of the ad is to normalize “transgenderism” in children.

Liberals want to make it seem like it’s completely common and natural to have a “transgender” child – hoping children will see the ad and even question their own identity. 

What is even worse is that it’s this child’s own MOTHER exploiting the gender dysphoria of her daughter to score political points!

Truly sickening.

Parents who do this to their children should absolutely be investigated for child abuse – as the damage this leftist activist has caused her daughter isn’t even known yet.

And regardless of this sick and twisted ad – it doesn’t need to be aired to children.

But Disney is so outraged at Governor DeSantis for signing a bill into law protecting children from the LGBT madness they are adopting a full-fledged political strategy to fight back.

Disney has hired a former Obama/Clinton/Biden staffer as their new communication mouthpiece.

And of course, they continue to release films geared at children with same-sex kissing scenes.

At this point, most conservative parents have already boycotted everything Disney.

But let it be known – Disney has resorted not only to promoting their LGBT agenda within their own house – they’re moving into the political sphere vowing to work to suspend any law that threatens their LGBT agenda.

What a shame the once “Magical World of Disney” has turned into a trashy, leftist talking-head for LGBT activists and their warped agenda. 

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