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Landmark Research Sheds Light on Dad’s Role in Baby’s Health

  Expectant mothers have plenty of research and resources available to understand how important it is to stay healthy while pregnant. We know that pregnant women must avoid smoking, alcohol, and risky behaviors, as well as eating healthy and getting good prenatal care. But a recent study is shedding light […]
Easy Guide For Temporarily Homeschooling Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

Easy Guide For Temporarily Homeschooling Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

  Navigating the minutiae of a global pandemic is overwhelming for every American. Whether it is trying to oversee organizations made to deal with catastrophic events or a mom left juggling three school age children home from school while she still has to work, dealing with abrupt shifts in responsibility […]
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New Teddy Bear Helps Non-Verbal Children With Special Needs Communicate In The Most Incredible Way

                            Imagine being hungry or thirsty or in pain but not being able to verbally communicate your needs to another. For non-verbal children with special needs and their parents, this struggle is all too real. But one company had the brilliant idea to bridge the gap and create the ultimate […]
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Joe Biden Wants To Control Population By Killing Our Children

  It has been apparent through words and actions that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is against conservative values, and morality in general. While he has spoken out recently to restrict gun rights and increase taxes, it is his take on the sanctity of life that is most concerning. In […]
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This Parenting Transition is Hard for Everyone – But It’s Part Of a Beautiful Journey

When we’re younger – with young children – we get so caught up in the busyness and routine, that we sometimes don’t realize how quickly time passes. They grow up before we know it, and then we start to feel a sadness that there will come a time when they […]
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An Online Safety Service Conducted an Experiment – The Results Were Shocking

Parenting has changed a great deal in the last two or three decades. Kids used to be able to play outside unsupervised for hours, but now the world seems to be a more dangerous place. We should feel safer now that more and more kids have phones and computers to […]
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Chore Ideas To Help Teach Toddlers Responsibility

  If you’re the mother of a toddler – it can seem impossible to imagine having your child do chores. Especially since you most likely spend a bulk of your time just trying to get them fed, dressed, and well-cared for – without massive temper tantrums and meltdowns. But the […]
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6 Things Your Child Needs To Know To Protect Their Body

  With so many inappropriate content being shown in school, media, and the entertainment industry, there has been a negative flux of child sexual assault. We need to arm our children with the knowledge of right and wrong when it comes to boundaries with their bodies. Use these six simple […]
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Here’s How To Throw The Ultimate Birthday Party For A Child With Sensory Needs

When moms think birthday parties they often think of bright colors, noise making devices, and a lot of children! But for children with a sensory processing disorder, being around large noisy groups with bright lights and sounds can be overwhelming, and produce deep anxiety. The good news is, a child […]
Woman’s Passion for Helping Children Proves That One Person Can Make a Difference

Woman’s Passion for Helping Children Proves That One Person Can Make a Difference

  The world can be a frightening place in which to raise children these days. We’re surrounded by scary headlines in the news and stories on social media, and it sometimes leads us to wonder what has happened to human decency. But one woman is making national headlines for being […]