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PRO-LGBT Teachers Fear If Parents Have Access To Child’s Virtual Learning It Will “Damage Gender”

  Leftist educators love when parents send their children to school and they have full access to brainwash them with pro-LGBT propaganda. Knowing mom and dad are not in the classroom, many pro-LGBT teachers take full advantage at the chance to operate in secrecy hoping parents will never know what’s […]
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Incredible: Two Parents Both In A Wheelchair Shatter Stereotypes In How To Raise A Child

  Raising a baby can be tough – especially when one of the parents has a disability. But for this new family of three – BOTH mom and dad spend most of their time in a wheelchair, and while they’ve had to adapt they are thriving at raising their little […]
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Biden’s New “Pro Women” Agenda Seeks To Slaughter More Unborn Babies

  As America gears up for a nasty November 2020 presidential election, it’s unborn babies who find themselves yet again on the chopping block. Tragically, liberals want more babies slaughtered by abortion – and they want American taxpayers to fund it. And even worse – they try and sell their […]
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One State Sets a Precedent to Help Children of Military Families Succeed in School

  Most parents have spent the last weeks of summer concerned over the “ifs” and “hows” schools will be reopening as we continue to deal with our nation’s health crisis. Many classes are beginning virtually this fall, and parents are scrambling to figure out this extended period of at-home learning. […]
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Should Men’s Restrooms Have Changing Tables? This Dad Thinks So

  It’s a stereotype to believe only a mother is interested (or responsible) in caring for her baby. Sure, there are some things a dad can’t automatically do – like breastfeed his baby (until a breast pump can be used to bottle feed) – but dads are often eager to […]
Retailers Pull Sickening Toy From Shelves After One Mom’s Social Media Post – And It’s a Wake-Up Call For Parents

Retailers Pull Sickening Toy From Shelves After One Mom’s Social Media Post – And It’s a Wake-Up Call For Parents

  One of the greatest challenges presented to parents in the last few years has been finding appropriate entertainment that has not been corrupted by the agenda of the Left. Children’s programming on television, films, books, and even toys have increasingly promoted the LGBTQ agenda, which many believe is an […]
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Getting Your Child To Finish A Task May Have An Easy Answer

  A large number of families are turning to homeschooling for their educational needs. This has caused parents to be tested in more ways than one – to say the least. But all of the worksheets, crafts, and new lesson plans can be conquered with this one invaluable chapter trait. […]
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Mom Break: Study Shows the Benefits of One-on-One Time with Dad

  In recent decades as traditional values have eroded, so has the traditional family unit comprised of a mother, father, and children. But countless studies have proven the importance of both parental roles in the mental well-being of their children. Much of this research has now been poured over by […]
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Every Mom Is Feeling It – Why No Choice Seems To Be The Right Choice

  As the world continues to spin into a crazy frenzy of panic and chaos, being a mom right now is tougher than ever. While every mom is used to making sound decisions in the best interest of their children, many moms are feeling “decision fatigue” as if every choice […]
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How A Screen “Detox” Can Benefit Your Entire Family

  If you’re like many moms, you know too much screen time is never a good thing. Besides the fact so many shows today are blatantly anti-family, research now reveals the brains of children can decline from spending too much time on their devices or in front of a TV. […]