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5 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For Less Gifts Because Biden Messed Up Our Economy

  The holiday season gives us so much to look forward to, it brings lots of cheer, family, food… and debt. Families are trying to position the gifts to look like there’s more there while simultaneously keeping the kids from being disappointed. The great news is kids are incredibly more understanding […]

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Blast The Winter Blues Away With Treatment You Can Get For A Bargain

  As you prepare breakfast it seems as if the sun barely rose and after a long day under a gray sky, you feel as if it’s painful to crack a smile during the bedtime reading. The seasonal changes during fall and into winter mean shorter days, chillier weather, a […]

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TikTok Is Being Used By Child Predators In The Worst Way

  Guarding our children against all the vile in the world is a fulltime job with liberal ideologies infesting major media and marketing companies. Monitoring screen time, setting up parental controls, and having frequent conversations about true morality help. Sadly, there is a major player in the assaults against our […]

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You Will Want To Use This Grandma’s Perfect Holiday Gift

  Every holiday season it gets harder and harder to buy our loved ones a gift more special than the year before. With the latest crazes changing every day, you can always go with whatever is popular – but what if you want a gift your loved one can enjoy […]

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“Trad Wives” Are Making A Big Splash On Social Media

  Modern feminism tells the world that to be a strong woman you have to also fulfill the role of a traditional man. Traditional women know that true strength lies in her innate ability to change the world wherever she resides- whether it is at the workplace or in the […]

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3 Ways To Celebrate National Adoption Month

  In the United States alone, it’s estimated over 117,000 children are waiting to be adopted. Many people are surprised to hear this number, especially with all the families who struggle with infertility who want to adopt. But the good news is – you can celebrate National Adoption Month and […]

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Finally! A State That Rejects Inappropriate Books For Children

  It is astounding the material society has deemed appropriate for children, from films to books and beyond. And as if the content of pro-LGBT and sexually explicit material being peddled to our children wasn’t enough, liberals have now pushed for men dressed as “drag queens” to read it to […]

Completely New Thanksgiving Activities To Wow The Kids

Completely New Thanksgiving Activities To Wow The Kids

Thanksgiving is a fun-filled day with more food than anyone can eat, family traditions, and gratitude. It is the highlight of many parent’s day to see the children playing and sharing in the meal, but what happens when all the sugar from grandma’s pie smorgasbord causes the kids to get […]

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Are Sleepovers Safe In This Day And Age? 

  As our children grow, they crave more privileges – which is a double-edged sword for parents. Of course, it’s nice when our children can safely walk the dog without parents having to worry about them running in the street, or unload the dishwasher without throwing away all the dishes […]

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Virginia Politicians Want To Lock Up Parents For Not Adopting LGBT Agenda

  Far-left politicians are gunning for your children – and it’s worse than you ever imagined. Not only do they want to convince your child to become “transgender” – but they want to lock up parents who get in the way. And once you hear what’s taking place in Virginia […]