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Proper Etiquette Never Goes Out of Style – And It’s Never Too Early to Start With Your Kids

  It’s sad but true – many of today’s youth have stopped practicing much of the social etiquette the rest of us grew up with. And with the ways personal communication has changed in a world dominated by a digital presence, it’s even harder for parents to combat the informality […]

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Ruthless Mom Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome To Live More “Comfortably” – Siblings Beg For A Funeral

  When a woman gets an abortion, she leaves behind a trail of pain to everyone in her path – from family to friends. Sadly, people often neglect to think about the effect an abortion can have on the already born siblings – and the trauma they face knowing mommy […]

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It Begins – College Campus Labels Pro-Life Group As “Hate Group”

  College campuses are known to be breeding grounds for future leftist activists – and the liberal faculty are usually the ones leading the charge. When it comes to getting involved, students have a long list of liberal groups to choose from – such as Pro-LGBT groups and other anti-family […]

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A Look At 5 Myths About Babies We All Thought Were True

  There has never been more judgement, superstition and old wives tales than there has been surrounding children. Specifically, bringing a new life into the world creates this excitement in women that often gets misplaced. So to help you sort through the endless stream of advice and misinformation, we have […]

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This Socialist Initiative To Control the Family Unit May Be Coming To a City Near You

  If there is one factor that we all consider the most important influence in our lives, it is our children – our families – and how God intended us to continue the generations on a foundation of faith. But traditional marriage, the family unit, and children’s lives have been […]

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Biden Skirts The Word “Abortion,” But Makes It Clear The Slaughter Would Continue on His Watch

  We’re right in the midst of the presidential debates that will help millions of Americans understand just what’s at stake in choosing who will take up residence in the White House in 2021. There are many issues worth considering, but among the most fundamental to who we choose to […]

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Brave “Shout Your Motherhood” Stories Drown Out Wicked Pro-Abort Campaign

  Liberals have long claimed abortion is simply “healthcare” and the gold standard for women’s rights in America. In a sick attempt to “normalize” abortion – liberals even started a “shout your abortion” campaign where women took to social media to boast about the “joy” in their abortion. Thinking they […]

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California Loosens Punishment Of Pedophiles In The Name Of “LGBT Rights”

  California politicians pride themselves on being “inclusive” – even though their policies are dangerous. It’s no surprise, the latest legislation aimed at ending “discrimination” of LGBT youth is no different. And now thanks to leftist politicians – more children are in serious danger of being sexually assaulted by adults. […]

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Moms – Don’t Let Doctors Or Hospitals Violate Your Pregnancy And Delivery Rights

  Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life – but it can also be scary – especially if you don’t know your rights. Many doctors will try and insist you have to get a wide variety of testing and drugs, but the truth is […]

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Parents Outraged: Local Health Department Flyer Encourages Teens To Text Anonymous Sex Questions To Strangers

  Government bureaucrats are working overtime to damage the relationship between child and parent so they can influence them with leftist propaganda. From schools going against parent’s wishes and providing “gender” counseling to promoting an LGBT curriculum – officials have no problem interfering with a child and their parent. In […]