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According To The Arizona Education Department – 3 Month Old Babies Are Racist

  Liberals are obsessed with calling everyone and everything “racist” – but their latest accusation really takes the cake. The Arizona Department of Education decided to craft an “Equality Toolkit” to teach parents how their children are racist… … even claiming babies as young as 3-months old can have racist […]

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Midwives Asked To Call It “Chestfeeding” To Make It More Inclusive

  Seems like everyone is drawn to a new baby- probably because those little fingers and fresh baby smell are irresistible. As flattering as it is to have loved ones (or complete strangers) fall for your sweet bundle of joy, sometimes you just want that one-on-one time you get from […]

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Latest American Girl Doll Sneaks Lesbian Couple Into Storyline Without Warning Parents

  Little girls from all around the United States have delighted in having their very own American Girl Doll to call their own. But the latest American Girl 2021 “Girl of the Year” doll is anything but wholesome, and you won’t believe the story that accompanies her. Bringing politics into […]

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Ditch This Popular Toy So You Don’t Live With Regret

    Every mother has a toy they loathe that cannot seem to make it to the donation center because their daughter spots it in the “giveaway pile” before it is slipped in the trunk undetected. Most of the time these toys are ones with a million little pieces you […]

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Car Thief Lectures Woman For This Dire Mistake

  We all are guilty of leaving the car running while we grab take-out real quick- or have at least considered it! Yeah, we know someone could easily jump right in and leave us eating lo mein on the curb alone, but who wants to park and turn the engine […]

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**Mommy Alert** Latest Investigation Reveals High Levels Of Toxic Metal Found In Baby Food

    Every mom will do whatever she can to keep her baby safe, which is why this latest report is so shocking. As it turns out, a Congressional investigation revealed baby food manufacturers were more concerned about making a profit than providing a safe product. And once you hear […]

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Biden’s Latest “Transgender” Pledge Endangers Students All Across America

  President Biden has endangered the lives of children everywhere, and this is only the beginning. Holding true to his campaign promise to promote the LGBT agenda, he’s just made every mother’s worst nightmare come true. And as a result, students are left fearful and shocked, many afraid to even […]

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Maximize Productivity When Working From Home With These Uncovered Methods 

  Have you ever stared at a blinking vertical line waiting for words to magically flow from your fingertips? Working from home is not as glamorous as it sounds at times, especially if you must juggle your duties as a mother and your responsibilities as an employee. While many working […]

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Unborn Babies Are In Danger Now More Than Ever As A New Administration Takes Over

  The left is utterly obsessed with pushing their pro-abort agenda, and now they’ve got the President of the United States leading the charge. Staying true to his campaign promise to expand abortion, Biden has already hit the ground running. Sadly, countless unborn babies are set to lose their lives, […]

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Unborn Children Cannot Be Killed In This State!

Photo by Alex Pasarelu on Unsplash  There are a lot of uncertainties with the shift in power within our nation after this last election. Among the many concerns there are with a liberal president in the Oval Office, is whether he is going to promote life through legislation. Although we […]