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Beware:  Our Favorite Brands Are Ramping-Up Progressive Grooming of Our Children

  Americans are no strangers to marketing campaigns that focus on a particular holiday, public event, or cause to draw consumers in by making an emotional connection. But one of the most outright propaganda campaigns in recent years to appear in every type of marketing has been centered around LGBTQ […]

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U.K. Mothers Experience “Intense Pressure to Terminate” Babies With This Syndrome – And America May Be Next

  As we look toward a new year, the Left gleefully plots their next moves to cement their agenda into every society on the planet. The sickening irony is, while they preach “love, equality, and tolerance” for all, they also spread a culture of death that has left millions upon […]

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Are Our Nation’s Schools Giving Kids the Wrong Tools For Developing Healthy Habits?

  With the rise in virtual learning over the course of this year, many parents are getting a better idea of what their children are learning in school. While balancing this new form of education has been difficult for many of us, it does provide us an opportunity to better […]

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TV Show Drama Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome Fueling Hatred Of Babies With Special Needs

  Producers know they have the attention of millions around the world when they craft a storyline for their latest TV show. Sadly, many use the fame to further promote a pro-abort agenda as if abortion is something which should be “normalized.” The latest attack on life came when the […]

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This Debilitating Pregnancy Condition Can Lead To A New Concern For Families

  Discomfort during pregnancy is nothing new, but it is typically something most of us can handle – especially when we think of the miraculous outcome! But for some expectant moms, so-called “morning sickness” can last through the pregnancy — and can be debilitating. And now one study is connecting […]

School Forces 3rd Grader To Remove Her “Offensive” Jesus Loves Me Face Mask

School Forces 3rd Grader To Remove Her “Offensive” Jesus Loves Me Face Mask

  In the new era of mask mandates and restrictions, yet again, children are caught in the middle of it all. Some schools aren’t even meeting in person and have resorted to 100 percent virtual learning while others are meeting but with massive restrictions. And when one little 3rd grade […]

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Sweet Baby Girl Born With Life-Threatening Condition Wins 2.2 Million Dollar Treatment

  One of the scariest things for a new mom is learning their precious baby has been diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic condition. Many moms feel helpless, unsure what to do as doctors often tell them their little one won’t go on to live a full life. And for one […]

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There Are Two Words Every Parent Needs To Start Using

  If you are anything like me, you are inundated by all the parenting info out there, but at the same time can’t stop reading every blog and new psychologist suggestion out there. And as you read this you are probably thinking, “Here I am, doing it again.” But this […]

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Celebrity Mom Shamed For Kissing Their Children On The Lips

  We all have our different “love languages” and we use these methods of love to express our care and admiration for friends and family. Children often benefit from physical affection. I mean, cuddle time is an important part of the day to them. But some people are very opinionated […]

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Abortion Regrets From Women Who Wish They’d Made A Different Choice

  Although the left peddles abortion as an “empowering” action for women – those who have had abortion soon learn there is nothing good about ripping a baby from the safety of its mother’s womb. In fact, every pro-lifer knows abortion not only harms a baby – but it ultimately […]