Coach Slammed By Left After Kneeling For The Right Reasons 

Photo by John Martinez Pavliga


The anti-nationalist display of athletes kneeling during the national anthem before the start of games gave participants a misguided sense of purpose.

Some athletes got a slap on the wrist for their disrespectful actions that were against their contractual duties, however most continued to get paid copious amounts of money.

But true to the liberal way, when someone else demonstrates their views in opposition to the mob there is harsh backlash, just as one innocent man experienced in Washington. 

Sports Illustrated is known for their support of dicey political viewpoints, including when NFL players, led by Colin Kaepernick, began kneeling for the National Anthem before games. 

And it’s no secret that Sports Illustrated has such a high revenue stream from exploiting women.

With all the inappropriate material the popular magazine has published, their recent article slamming an innocent man for having an open relationship with God has shown they are willing to take their leftist position to a new level. 

Joe Kennedy, assistant coach for the Bremerton High School (BHS) varsity football team took a knee on the field after every football game since 2008, according to the Daily Wire.

Other students from BHS and, at times, from the opposing team would ask to join him on the field in quiet prayer.

Kennedy did not invite these students on the field, but responded to their request to join him with, “This is a free country… You can do what you want,” reports First Liberty, the group representing Kennedy.

Sadly, after one game an employee noticed Kennedy praying on the field and it immediately ruffled his liberal feathers.

Instead of seeing this as an independent act of personal freedom, the employee saw it as stepping on the left’s sensitive toes.

After a formal complaint was issued, a BHS administrator addressed Kennedy about his “actions” prompting him to write on Facebook, “I think I just might have been forced for praying,” Daily Wire reports.

The school district later told Kennedy that he could “engage in religious activity, including prayer, so long as it does not interfere with job responsibilities” and that the activity was “physically separate from any student activity, and student are not…allowed to join such activity.”

After this new rule was set Kennedy waited patiently until everyone had left the game to set foot on the field and pray. 

But this wasn’t enough for the naysayers!

After continued conversations about praying on the field (for 15 seconds!) Kennedy was eventually fired for his actions. 

That’s right! You can kneel on a football field in front of thousands of people if you have a convoluted sense of justice, but you can not kneel in private prayer alone to God when no one else is around. 

Kennedy is fighting back, and his case, which is now waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court, was taken up by First Liberty.

Sports Illustrated couldn’t wait for due process and hung Kennedy out to dry as guilty in a slander article stating:

He’s a human embodiment of a country that’s deeply divided; a religious movement that’s surging with momentum, even as organized religion becomes increasingly less popular; and, most of all, a powerful right-wing machine many say is employing a timeless division tactic: us vs. them.”

Voting trends in the United States would tell a different story, but despite that Sports Illustrated overstepped their range of journalistic privilege when addressing a man’s display of personal beliefs.

There is no doubt any other religion wouldn’t have been attacked so viciously by big media. 

That is the reality US citizens have to face nowadays- a moral God would have to be discredited for the political left to prosper. 

Thankfully, it won’t be a task they will see to completion.


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