The ‘Wrong Decision’ To Delay Taking Down Uvalde Shooter Infuriates Parents Who Tried To Act 

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When parents heard an active shooter was on the loose at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas – without hesitation many parents attempted to go into the school to rescue their children.

But new reports reveal parents were handcuffed – and even pepper sprayed while trying to stop a madman from gunning down their children.

So why did it take the police over an hour to engage an active shooter? The answer will shock you.

After the lunatic gunman killed his grandmother and fled to the school – crashing into a ravine at 11:28AM – one minute before the crash at 11:27AM a teacher had propped the side door with a rock to transfer food from her car to the classroom.

Witnessing the car crash, she calls 911 at 11:30AM – and notices the gunman approaching the school with a gun which she notifies the dispatcher and removes the rock to close the door.

But for whatever reason the door did not lock and just 3 minutes later at 11:33AM the gunman entered the school through the same door the teacher had propped and began his shooting massacre.

The shooter was able to fire off a whopping 315 rounds – with a third of it taking place in the first 15 minutes!

Apparently 19 police officers stood in the hallway while the lunatic gunned down children.

Law enforcement officers train and prepare to put their lives on the line to protect their community from danger.

In fact, local officers recently underwent training on how to respond to a crisis in schools – including an active shooter situation.

The training taught them to take out the shooter – not let him continue to fire hundreds of rounds at innocent people.

Countless times, our brave heroes have stood up to the charge – and rescued those in danger while defending innocent bystanders against riots and violence.

So why was a group of law enforcement officers standing inside a school refusing to take out the lunatic shooting at children?

A wrong call.

That’s right – a wrong judgement call by the on-site commander caused police to hesitate in taking out the shooter. 

Colonel Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety admitted it – and agreed police didn’t follow protocol. 

Reuters reported:

“It was the wrong decision, period,” McCraw said, acknowledging that standard protocols call for police to confront an active school shooter immediately, rather than wait for backup.

Border Patrol tactical agents at the scene were frustrated with a lack of clear direction from the commander, believing it delayed efforts to end the attack, said a law-enforcement source familiar with the matter…

I hate to believe that some of those kids could have been saved if law enforcement would have engaged them immediately after those children were shot as opposed to an hour later after some had bled out,” said another law enforcement source familiar with the incident. “That’s what’s heartbreaking.”

Just as heartbreaking – parents waiting outside the school KNEW the police should have gone in.

They stood around in horror at what was happening – some of them even offering to go in themselves and take out the shooter.

One can’t even imagine the pain these parents felt knowing their precious children were inside the school with an active shooter…

… and law enforcement officers refused to enter the classroom and gun down the killer. 

It’s unknown how many lives could have been saved that day had the police acted immediately to stop him. 

One mother, Angeli Gomez, reported she was handcuffed while trying to enter – but as soon as she broke free, she hopped the fence – entered the school – and walked out with her children. 

Her children were in a different area of the school – so thankfully they were all able to escape unharmed. 

CBS NEWS reported:

“The gunshots were still active. They were not in there. There was no one in there. If anything, when I pulled out, my car was closer to the school than that,” Gomez said. “They could have saved many more lives. They could have gone into that classroom and maybe two or three would have been gone. But they could have saved, the whole, more, the whole class. 

They could have done something, gone through the window, sniped him through the window, I mean something, but nothing was being done.”

Other parents begged the police to act and expressed outrage that it took them over an hour to act – and allegedly one parent claims to have been pepper sprayed. 

In fact, according to CBS News, a father ran to a neighboring house to find bolt cutters, as the responding officers were trying to find something to cut the fence.

The frustration and grief from parents seemed to be universal and across the board. 

The Independent reported:

“Gunman Ramos, 18, was inside the school for up to an hour before being killed by authorities.

“What are you doing – get inside the building!” one person can be heard yelling in the footage. “Go protect the kids!” another said…

“You’re scared of getting shot? I’ll go in without a vest, I will!” one mother told an officer.”

Thankfully, an off-duty border patrol agent (who happened to be getting a haircut at the time of the shooting) received a text from his wife who was a 4th grade teacher at Robb Elementary – pleading with him for help. His daughter also attended the school and was trapped in a bathroom as the madman shot up her peers. 

The off-duty agent jumped out of his chair and rushed to the scene to volunteer – and since law enforcement knew him – they let him onto the scene where he proceeded to help escort children out of the classroom window.

Praise God – his wife and children escaped to safety and were physically unharmed – although the emotional trauma is unimaginable.  

So how do we prevent a massacre like this from ever happening again?

To start – a full investigation needs to take place on what went wrong.

Moving forward, local law enforcement should undergo further training to know how to respond if ever faced with an active shooter situation.

While we’re thankful for all the times those in authority get it right –there just isn’t room for error or deviation of protocol – ever. 

And of course – if it wasn’t for liberal politicians trying to ban guns – and teachers were allowed to actually carry and defend themselves (and their students) – it would go a long way at preventing maniacs like Ramos from going on a shooting rampage.  

Let this tragedy be a lesson on what NOT to do if something like this ever happens again. 

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