Madness – School Places Tampons In Boys Bathrooms For “Menstrual Dignity”

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As the LGBT madness continues to infiltrate schools – one couldn’t think things could get even more bizarre.

But in one local school district in Oregon – officials took their level of craziness off the charts with their latest move – and you won’t believe what they’ve done now. 

So just why does a school think tampons are needed in male restrooms?

The Oregon Department of Education is calling it “menstrual dignity.”

That’s right.

We’ve officially reached a level of pure insanity.

Even though biologically it’s clear boys can’t get their period – leftists in Oregon feel it’s “discriminatory” to not have the option of having tampons in male restrooms for those who call themselves gender “non confirming.”

The Oregon Department of Education recently released a 26-page “Menstrual Dignity for Students Toolkit” detailing how schools can make menstrual products accessible for all and break “stigmas.”

The toolkit claims access to tampons should be “affirming” and “inclusive” for all who need them and states:

“Inclusivity means including, affirming, and honoring differences in how communities learn about, access, and make decisions about health. This means that transgender, intersex, non-binary, and two spirit students need to be affirmed in their access to products.”


A student who struggles with their gender doesn’t need to be “affirmed” – they need mental health counseling.

But of course, LGBT activists don’t actually care about the mental health of their students – they simply care about forcing an agenda through – and will sacrifice anyone who gets in their way.

Sex-ed should teach that girls get their periods, and boys don’t.

It’s basic biology. Non-controversial. Science.

But then again – our own Supreme Court Justice claims she can’t describe what a woman is because she “isn’t a biologist.”

So, if a Justice in the highest court in America can’t define what a woman is – it shouldn’t be shocking leftists in Oregon can’t either.

In fact, some legislators in Oregon claim if a biological female “identifies” as a male – she’ll still need access to things like tampons in the men’s restroom. 

These poor students!

They must be so confused.

But it gets even more bizarre. 

Some schools were considering purchasing “reusable” menstrual products to share among students in order to stay green! 

The Menstrual Dignity for Students Toolkit states:

“While only tampons and pads are required by rule, some school districts may choose to use

funds to purchase reusable products. Reusable products may be a cost saving strategy in the longer-term and could create less waste, having a positive environmental impact. 

Logistical support for cleaning and reinserting products at school differs from disposable products, and should be considered for reusable products. Education is also recommended when providing reusable products so students know they are not meant to be discarded after a single use.”

Yeah… that’s just what we need is students sharing reusable menstrual products.

But, this is what happens when you have leftist activists writing these types of protocol.

Instead of level-headed officials making decisions – you have liberals and their deranged ideology. 

The only certainty in this mess is more confused students, and further psychological harm.

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