School Launches “Transition Closet” To Help Kids Hide Their “Gender Identity” From Their Parents

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Hoping to create division in families and turn students against their parents – California school officials did the unthinkable.

In homes where parents forbid their children to be “transgender” – leftist teachers are helping them to ignore their parents and “transition” anyway.

And once you hear about their latest tactic to confuse impressionable children, you’re bound to be outraged.  

Fremont Highschool in Oakland, California recently launched a “transition closet” – which is essentially a closet full of clothes allowing children to “change into their gender” of choice once they hit school.

Meaning, if a biological male leaves the house in pants and a polo – all he has to do is show up to his high school and pick out a feminine outfit like a skirt or blouse from the closet and “become a girl” for the day.

The motive is to help kids hide their true “gender identity” from “disapproving” parents.

Christian Headlines reported:

“Thomas Martin-Edwards, a California teacher who supports the Transition Closet, described it as a way for “students to wear the clothes that their parents approve of, come to school and then swap out into the clothes that fit who they truly are.”


All this does is teach children it’s okay to lie to their parents.

Not to mention – instead of getting them psychological help, this just placates to their gender dysphoria. 

Who they “truly are” is the biological gender they were born with.  

But liberals love pushing their agenda onto children hoping to confuse them, it’s truly what they live for.

They know the only way they’ll be able to continue with their devious ways is if kids buy into them.

On Facebook the “Transition Closet” bragged about being able to have a closet available in a high-school – and shamelessly asked for donations hoping to stock up their closet with clothes:

We are extremely excited to begin our journey in working with Fremont Highschool of Oakland California, alongside our favorite Teacher of TikTok @justaqueerteacher. The near future holds transition closet(s) and services throughout the school district for students of the Trans/Nonbinary/Intersex and additional LGBTQIA+ Community Members. We are currently in need of clothing donations to help kick start the first School Based Transition Closet.”

Naturally, pro-family groups and parents are outraged and they are speaking out. 

Christian Headlines continued:

“This is completely inappropriate and deceitful,” the California Family Council said. “In addition to gender ideology madness, this school is teaching children that it is acceptable to defy their parents. They are teaching children that their personal thoughts and feelings should surmount the guidance of their God-given authorities.”

If anything, schools should be encouraging students to take any personal struggles or questions about their gender directly to their parents, so their parents can get them the help they need.

Teaching a child to hide things from their parents sets a dangerous precedent – and could even endanger the lives of these kids should they ever find themselves in a troubling situation.

We are entering into dark and dangerous territory when the latest trend is aimed at dividing families and pitting them against each other.  

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