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Kamala Harris Works On Her Fame With Cover Photo For Pro-Abort Magazine

  The nation is under distress with political tensions rising daily. President Biden has been wasting no time forcing his agenda on the country through executive order after executive order. What has Biden’s right-hand woman been doing during these trying times? Taking glamour photos for a liberal propaganda magazine. Vogue […]

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Unborn Babies Are In Danger Now More Than Ever As A New Administration Takes Over

  The left is utterly obsessed with pushing their pro-abort agenda, and now they’ve got the President of the United States leading the charge. Staying true to his campaign promise to expand abortion, Biden has already hit the ground running. Sadly, countless unborn babies are set to lose their lives, […]

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Moms – Make Sure Your Teen Daughters Aren’t Partaking In This Dangerous TikTok Challenge

  The latest TikTok challenge is all the rage – but many women don’t know how dangerous it actually is. The challenge instructs women to take racy photos of themselves and use a red filter background to create a “silhouette” look in a dimly lit doorway, promising to create an […]

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Biden’s Latest Executive Order Just Placed A New Glass Ceiling Over Young Girls

  In a slew of executive orders, Biden wasted no time enacting his radical leftist agenda – and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined. At the orders of the president, schools are now empowered to enact LGBT policies in radical ways – and young girls will suffer like never before. […]

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Freedom-Loving Americans Beware When Using Social Media

  Connecting with friends, families – and complete strangers with similar interests- on the internet has become an intimate part of American society. But how is society being shaped when every word on major social media networks is being filtered to favor a liberal viewpoint? Freedom-loving conservatives don’t want to […]

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Local Community Rallies Together To Save Employees With Special Needs

  It’s no secret COVID-19 restrictions have crushed small businesses, many of them forced to shut their doors forever. And for one local ice-cream shop who is known for employing folks with special needs, things looked just as bleak. But instead of sitting back and letting this sweet shop close […]

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Liberals Only Acknowledge The Value Of Police When It Favors Their Agenda

  The hypocrisy of the left is far reaching and never ceases to amaze any logical individual. Violence against those who dedicate their lives to protecting us is contradictory to creating a more peaceful society – but that is not what the vindicating, anti-American liberals who condone such actions perpetuate. […]

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Political Tensions Are Heightened After Capitol Is Infiltrated By Protestors 

  The mainstream media is bought and paid for by liberal leaning enthusiasts who use their power to usurp the truth for political gain. During President Trump’s entire term, words have been twisted and stories have been warped to put Trump and his administration in a bad light. Was the […]

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Tragic: Citizens Dance In The Streets At The Ability To Kill More Unborn Babies

    Jumping on the pro-abort bandwagon, Argentina voted to legalize abortion up to 14 weeks in pregnancy. But as pro-lifers wept at the future loss of innocent life – a bizarre scene took place throughout the local neighborhoods. Instead of weeping and mourning in the streets – Argentinians were […]

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Insane Liberals Seek “Gender Inclusive” Terms To Replace Amen During Prayer

  The “politically correct” left is at it again – and this time they’ve brought the word police to the halls of Congress. During a typical Congressional prayer – one Congressman went rogue and ended prayer in the most bizarre way ever. In fact, you won’t even believe the way […]