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Hobby Lobby Gets Blasted For Exercising Their Rights

There is an obvious double standard when it comes to freedom of expression in modern American society. A mall vendor is welcomed for selling t-shirts that openly mock the president of the United States, but you have to literally fear for your life if you speak publicly about supporting this […]

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Ginsburg Has Passed – And Hopefully An Era Of Death And Defeat With Her

  The “Notorious RBG”- Supreme Court Justice turned celebrity- has lost her uphill battle with cancer. Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked hard to pave her own way into a honorable position, but has left the nation with next to no worthy causes. It’s a shame her efforts to change the world […]

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Hypocrite: Nancy Pelosi Forces Salon Open With No Mask To Get A Haircut

  We are used to the hypocrisy of the left – like claiming support of women and then killing millions of them in the womb. But this time one representative took it too far by showcasing her true colors. Now how is the nation going to respond to a liberal […]

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Child With Special Needs Booted Of His School Bus For Not Wearing A Mask

  The first day of school can be an exciting time for children – but it can also create anxiety – especially for children with special needs. One family set their child up for success and contacted the school district ahead of time, letting them know their child had autism […]

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DNC Speaker Tries To Blame Trump For Viruses Spreading In Ridiculous Tweet

  The Democratic National Convention brought the left’s entire anti-Trump platform to light. There were no real benefits presented for the average working-class American, but there was a lot of blaming the current administration for things way outside of their control. One woman, with no apparent background in politics, delivers […]

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New York Gives Liberal Celebrities A Free Pass From Strict Mandates

  It has been painfully obvious that New York is a biased state, raising up liberal propaganda while attempting to crush any morsel of conservatism. The Empire State is at the forefront of eliminating individual freedoms during the pandemic, but like with most liberal policies, they only want to enforce […]

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Man Throws Wife Into River After Argument Over Dinner

  All couples have had their fair share of disagreements- allocation of income, where to spend the family vacation, or whether the kitchen walls should be beige or pearl. Some arguments end up in disappointment, hurt, or in most cases compromise. However, one angry man just couldn’t let his demands […]

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Disgusting: Planned Parenthood Chooses Human Traffickers Over Young Girls Yet Again

  It’s no secret Planned Parenthood has a disdain for human life – but there’s one secret they’re trying to keep from the masses. You see, Planned Parenthood raises money and gains supporters by pretending to be “pro women” – but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, […]

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Airline Boots Mother And Her Six Kids Off The Plane Because 2-Year Old Wouldn’t Wear A Mask

  A mom and her six kids were on an airplane set to take off – when airline officials did the unthinkable. Before takeoff, the little 2-year old toddler struggled to keep her mask on, and kept pulling it down bellow her pacifier. As a result, the mom and her […]

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Evil To The Core: Satanic Temple Raffles Off Free Abortions To Women Who Can’t Afford Them

  Abortion is a barbaric act that rips an unborn baby from a mother’s womb and truly glorifies the darkest side of humanity. One satanic temple knows this all too well – and wanted to celebrate the gruesome act of abortion by encouraging women who couldn’t afford it to get […]