YouTube “Kids Channel” Promotes Abortion And Explicit Material

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Public school teachers are using a radical YouTube “kids’” channel to teach students about sex-ed – and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined.

From discussing abortion and even pornography – the material presented to children is absolutely shocking.

And once you hear the details about what’s being shown to our children – you’re bound to be outraged.

The YouTube hosted channel, Amaze Org, is full of leftist propaganda that is teaching lies to children with no remorse.

YouTube prides themselves on protecting children – but this virtual “sex-ed” program clearly violates their own standards, reports The Federalist’s Bailey Duran.

So just what are they teaching?

Some videos tell kids pornography is okay because it’s “free” and “everyone is doing it.”

Absolutely horrific! 

It’s unconscionable this garbage can be marketed to children. 

And of course – the channel promotes abortion to kids.

Not only do they promote abortion and call it “very safe”– but they actually go so far as to call life-saving pregnancy clinics “fake clinics.”

Elizabeth Johnston reported:

An explainer on abortion featuring a friendly purple monster describes an abortion procedure as “very safe” and that the vacuum that dismembers an unborn baby in the womb as a “gentle suction.”

“As if it couldn’t get any worse, the video describes life-saving crisis pregnancy centers as ‘fake clinics that exist only to try to talk a person out of an abortion,’” Duran notes.

“It warns young people to thoroughly research the center they plan to visit in order to ensure it includes abortion procedures, so they are not tricked into getting aid from a ‘fake’ clinic.”

The truth is – life-saving pregnancy crisis centers are the only ones who actually care about a woman and her baby…

…unlike abortion beasts like Planned Parenthood who are focused on slaying babies in the womb, disregarding the harm they cause women – and even sexualizing children

But liberals won’t stop until every child is corrupted. 

In fact, the covert sexualization of our children by school teachers is rampant – and it’s taking place all over the country.

New Jersey lies to students and tells them that their biological sex can differ from their biological gender.

Rhode Island introduced a radical and vulgar “sex-ed” plan to confuse students. 

And of course, Fairfax County -known for their radical leftist material – had the nerve to give children a “sexual survey” – asking them about their “gender identity” and even their sexual history. 

Sadly, many parents don’t end up finding out what is happening in the classroom until it’s too late. 

Instead of letting parents know what their children are being taught – teachers are trying to keep it hidden. 

Thankfully, some states are onto what the leftists are doing – and they’ve passed legislation to stop them dead in their tracks. 

But there’s still work to do.

As for us moms – we must continue to be vigilant at what our kids are watching – as predators are now using “kids’” channels to promote their radical perverse sexual agenda. 

If you typically give your child a phone to watch YouTube videos – be on the lookout for Amaze Org – and the filth it promotes. 

And never assume “kid friendly” means safe. 

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