Local School Board Forced Teachers To Display LGBT Flag In The Classroom 

Photo by Pete on Flickr.com


A national LGBT group donated a bunch of rainbow flags to a school district demanding teachers display them – and you won’t believe the response.  

Imagine being a teacher and being forced to promote a rainbow flag in your classroom and support something you don’t believe.

And while the district superintendent claimed displaying them was “optional” for teachers– fierce pushback forced the school board to take a controversial vote – and here is the outcome. 

After teachers spoke out claiming they were forced to display the flags – the school board took a vote to eliminate further pressure of the rainbow flags.

Voting to only have “neutral” flags in the classroom, the board agreed only the American, Maryland, and local county flags could be displayed in the future. 

With this change – never again will LGBT groups be allowed to “donate” rainbow flags pressuring teachers to display them.

Townhall reported:

“The school board’s vote, which took place last week, comes after the Westminster chapter of PFLAG, a national LGBTQ+ group, donated a number of small rainbow pride flags to the Carroll County Public Schools. The school’s staff was encouraged to display the flags in support of the LGBTQ+ community…

School board president Kenneth Kiler said, “These flags were shoved down teachers’ throats to put on their desk – that’s not inclusive. That’s not the way it ought to be.”

Pushing a leftist agenda seems to be the main trend sweeping our nation. 

All across the country, schools are quick to display rainbow flags to support LGBT “rights” – yet Christian students who similarly want to fly a Christian flag are shot down.

And when one student posted Bible verses to combat the “gay pride” exhibit in her school – she was suspended. 

Yet again, schools show they aren’t really trying to be “inclusive” …

… but instead prove they are focused on pushing a leftist agenda – and demanding that every child, teacher, and employee comply – or face punishment.

And they’ve proved they are willing to fire or suspend anyone that gets in their way.

How can teachers be forced to fly rainbow flags – yet a child gets suspended for wearing a “Jesus loves me” mask?


Imagine the confusion this creates in schools. 

Children are taught to trust those in authority in their life…

… so, if a student sees their own teacher flying a rainbow flag – they’ll assume their teacher supports the LGBT agenda – not understanding their teacher is being coerced behind the scenes. 

This is dangerous indoctrination – and it’s coming straight from the White House.

Biden has proudly flown the “transgender” flag – and let “transgender” students know he’s “got their back…

ignoring the cries of those who are afraid of being sexually assaulted at school – or those whom already have been.

At least for now in this Maryland county – teachers are free from flying rainbow flags.

But the battle is far from over as leftist school districts will stop at nothing until the radical LGBT agenda is forced onto every child across America.  

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