Middle School Traumatizes Children By Flying Rainbow Flag In Cafeteria

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Yet again, schools are thrusting their students into the middle of an LGBT culture war leaving children feeling scared and confused.

While schools used to be a safe place for children to learn, it’s turned into a political war zone with LGBT activists forcing children to accept their way of life, or else.

And for one small town school, the radical agenda continued in the midst of the children’s cafeteria.

Hanging in the cafeteria was an American flag, which makes sense.

But right beside it was the LGBT symbol “rainbow flag” hanging for children to stare at everyday as they ate their lunch.

Naturally, several students were uncomfortable with the flag, so they started to circulate a petition speaking against the rainbow flag.

In addition, students requested other flags be flown such as one representing traditional marriage, and another American Gadsden (Don’t Tread On Me) flag to represent students with a conservative voice.

But LGBT activists within the schools weren’t having it and refused to represent all students or allow their flags to see the light of day.

Thankfully, instead of just being quiet and sinking back into the sidelines, the students who supported traditional values decided to fight back.

They enlisted support to have a lawyer from the Thomas More Society represent their viewpoints.

LifeSite News reported:

“Thomas More Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal, who has been retained to represent a group of Marshall residents, commented on the situation. “At the very least, it’s divisive and insensitive. It makes it appear that the school supports one group’s beliefs at the expense of others.” Kaardal added that when students expressed their concern to teachers and administrators over the lifestyle that the flag promotes, they were bullied.

“Whether this was an inappropriate decision by a staff member or a deliberate violation of students’ rights, this is a serious matter,” Kaardal remarked”.

The refusal to represent all students shows the heart of the real LGBT agenda.

They don’t just “want a voice” or a “chance to be heard.”

Instead, the LGBT agenda seeks to fully take control of schools and force their agenda onto every student.

From allowing “transgender” students to use whatever bathroom they’d like, to having students “choose their own gender”, despite the wishes of the parents.

They refuse to respect the 1st Amendment rights of students who disagree with them.

If anyone dares to speak against the LGBT agenda – they are seen as hateful and bigots. Some students even face suspension. 

But for traditional students who want their voices simply to be heard, they are ridiculed and told to go away.

Politics does not belong in the halls of schools.

Children face enough distractions during their day, and they should be able to eat their lunch in peace without staring at a rainbow flag.

In addition, allowing certain groups of students to fly flags and not others shows an equal form of discrimination, and teaches students the LGBT agenda trumps all.

Our children deserve better than radical LGBT activists running the schools, which is why so many moms are opting to homeschool their kids.

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