On The 1st Day Of School Teacher Attempts To Make Children “Choose Their Own Gender”

It’s back to school time and many families tearfully send their children off trusting the school to educate and take care of them during the day. 

One “transgender” teacher who identifies has “Mx” decided to hit the ground running and create a tool to help children understand what it means to be “transgender.”

As a result, at one California school, children were greeted with a shocking “optional” assignment that had parents steaming.

This pro-LGBT teacher handed out a graphic called “The Gender Unicorn” designed to “help” children choose their gender.

The graphic showed a “friendly” unicorn and had multiple-choice options for children to choose from.

Children were expected to select their “gender identity”, “gender expression”, and their sex assigned at birth.

The options listed not only male/female for each category, but listed an “other” column – as if to somehow prove it is possible they could have been born something other than a boy or girl. 

Clearly, this teacher was attempting to show children even though they were born male or female, they could simply pick which gender they “identify” with or “express” themselves with.

Imagine the confusion of a young child knowing she is a girl, but then being asked what gender she “identifies with.”

Tragically, the questions didn’t stop there.

Not only did this teacher want to know what gender his students “identified” with – but he actually asked them to select which gender they were both physically and emotionally attracted to!

It is incredibly disturbing a “transgender” teacher is inquiring about the physical/emotional attraction of children which shouldn’t even be a topic for discussion!

As if middle school children should be thinking about who they are physically attracted to. 

Apparently, the school didn’t know this rogue science teacher was distributing this handout to students, and stopped it – but not before many students got ahold of it. 

ModBee reported:

“Alvarado, a second-year teacher of seventh- and eighth-grade science, did not seek permission ahead of time from the school principal, Metzger said. Principal Amanda Silva “happened to be in his second-period class as part of her routine visits on the first day of school. When she saw the content of the handout, she spoke with the teacher and directed him to stop distributing it,” Metzger said. She estimates that about 50 students were given the handouts.”

Naturally, parents were deeply upset that a “transgender” teacher who goes by “Mx” was asking their precious children what gender they identify with and who they were physically attracted to.

Sadly, this is the new norm in our school systems.

Children are being targeted with LGBT propaganda at an alarming rate, and this story is just yet another example of what is to come this year.

It’s critical as parents to keep communication open with children and inquire what they are learning at school so there are no surprises.

And if these types of activities are taking place in your community, it’s time to fight back!

Many parents are choosing to homeschool their children instead of placing them in the public school systems which continue to show themselves as unsafe for children. 

What are your thoughts on a school asking middle school children to select the gender they “identify” with?

How would you respond if this was your child who received the “optional” assignment?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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