Parents Organize This Major Resistance To Combat LGBT School Curriculum

Liberal teachers have forced their pro-LGBT agenda onto students for decades, and it continues to get worse.

Recently, the hyper-sexual “sex-ed” curriculum continues to introduce pornographic material to students, and parents have had enough.

And now, instead of sitting by idly as out-of-control teachers continue to pervert their children, a group of parents organized a massive backlash, and it’s gone worldwide.

These parents are determined to send a loud and clear message to the pro-LGBT activists, that enough is enough.

No longer will parents allow teachers to corrupt their children.

But instead of just “talking the talk”, some moms are taking action in a major way.

One local mom, Elizabeth Johnston runs the conservative blog Activist Mommy took the bold initiative to organize a “Global Sex Ed Sit Out”, scheduled to take place April 23.

The Charlotte Observer reported:

“I represent the 2 million homeschoolers in America who come from tax-paying households that are disgusted by the teaching of anal sex, oral sex and masturbation during school hours,” Johnston wrote in an email to the Observer.

Other locations hosting protests include Sacramento, Calif.; Spokane, Wash.; Bloomington, Ind.; and Austin and San Antonio, Texas, according to Johnston.

On April 23 in North Carolina, the NC Values Coalition is urging parents to keep their children home and to send a letter to the school administration explaining why.

A pre-form letter is on the website and says: “Pornographic sex education and anti-bullying curriculum is being implemented across our globe in an attempt to indoctrinate our children with ‘sexual rights’.”

Parents plan to send a letter to principals explaining exactly why their children are not attending school.

Leftist teachers continue to push the limits further and further, and nothing seems too taboo for their agenda.

Some schools even partner with pro-abort groups like Planned Parenthood, to teach sex-ed to students.

But even that isn’t far enough for Planned Parenthood.

The Washington Times continued:

“Some schools and districts partner with groups such as Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, and the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights organization, to determine what sex education should cover.

Planned Parenthood developed a “comprehensive” curriculum called Get Real that school boards across the country have considered adopting.

The program teaches sex education staples such as female and male anatomy, puberty and sexually transmitted diseases, but also offers lessons on “sexual identity” and “gender, sex and shared responsibility…

Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho came out against the proposed curriculum last month.

In its evaluation, Planned Parenthood said the program lacked LGBTQ inclusivity and was too focused on heterosexuality as the norm. The curriculum also used language that could be interpreted as shaming, the abortion giant said”

Every parent has an inherent desire to protect their children from harm.

No longer will parents sit back as their children are targeted by the pro-LGBT activists, who are determined to corrupt students with perverse sexual images, robbing them of their innocence and purity.

Mommy Underground will keep you posted on recent developments pertaining to the Global Sex Ed Sit Out.

Do you think parents should pull their kids from school to participate in the Global Sex Ed Sit Out?

What are your thoughts on a pro-LGBT sex-ed curriculum being taught to children?

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