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Radical Smithsonian “Girlhood” Exhibit Features Transgenders And Planned Parenthood Founder

  The Smithsonian Institute (SI) decided to host a special exhibit which paid a tribute to girls. But instead of selecting from the countless number of female role-models to display – they featured a “transgender” woman and the racist founder of Planned Parenthood. The bizarre exhibit titled Girlhood (It’s Complicated) […]

‘Sexual Preference’ Is Now An Outdated Term Because Amy Coney Barrett Used It

‘Sexual Preference’ Is Now An Outdated Term Because Amy Coney Barrett Used It

  The liberal left has gone far beyond a logical agenda and straight to a group that marches around saying how much they hate anything associated with conservatives. This has never been more apparent than with the upcoming election and “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, where people’s blinding rage towards the president […]

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Virtual Nightmare: Teacher Kicks 10-Year Old Student Out Of School Chat For Liking Trump

  As students and parents alike struggle to adjust to the “new normal” of virtual learning – many families are seeing firsthand just how far leftist bias runs in teachers. In one case, a leftist Seattle teacher took out his visceral hatred of Trump on a 10-year old child – […]

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Biden Calls Hometown Hero A White Supremacist To Appeal To BLM

  It is not uncommon for the left to twist an event so that their dark plans look less sinister. It is also not uncommon for liberals to target children to perpetuate an agenda that destroys innocence, makes a mockery of the traditional family, and kills more children than any […]

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Think You May Be Able To Shop Without A Mask Again One Day- Then You Have A ‘Normalcy Bias’

  Strangely enough, we have begun to get used to seeing everybody covering their face with masks- from the grocery store to community meetings. The kind of Orwellian society where signs everywhere warn you how the government requires complete cooperation with their unlawful mandates as Big Brother watches your every […]

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Liberals Claim They Rely On Science But Their Actions Say Otherwise

  We hear the words “evidence” and “on the side of science” coming out of liberal’s mouths often. But that argument is only used when the skewed data supports their twisted ideologies. When it comes down to the empirical method and consistent outcomes, science is not on the left’s side […]

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Biden Skirts The Word “Abortion,” But Makes It Clear The Slaughter Would Continue on His Watch

  We’re right in the midst of the presidential debates that will help millions of Americans understand just what’s at stake in choosing who will take up residence in the White House in 2021. There are many issues worth considering, but among the most fundamental to who we choose to […]

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Mother Tased And Arrested Because She Refused To Wear A Mask Outdoors

  A young mom wanted to watch her young son play football and never dreamed her afternoon would end with her in handcuffs. While sitting outside on the bleachers with her mother enjoying the fresh air, this mom was approached by an officer for not wearing a mask. The events […]

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Unacceptable: Conservative Ballots Dumped In The Trash

  With the presidential election just around the corner things are starting to heat up. The president has already warned of potential voter fraud, even though liberals claim he is making it up. But in a shocking turn of events, a bunch of ballots were found in the trash – […]

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A New Era Of Life: Amy Coney Barrett Destroys Liberals Warped View Of Women

  For decades, liberals have peddled the lie that to be successful a woman must choose between her “career” and having a baby. Which is why when President Trump announced Amy Coney Barrett, a proud mother of seven, as the next nominee to the United States Supreme Court – the […]