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Local Community Rallies Together To Save Employees With Special Needs

  It’s no secret COVID-19 restrictions have crushed small businesses, many of them forced to shut their doors forever. And for one local ice-cream shop who is known for employing folks with special needs, things looked just as bleak. But instead of sitting back and letting this sweet shop close […]

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Liberals Only Acknowledge The Value Of Police When It Favors Their Agenda

  The hypocrisy of the left is far reaching and never ceases to amaze any logical individual. Violence against those who dedicate their lives to protecting us is contradictory to creating a more peaceful society – but that is not what the vindicating, anti-American liberals who condone such actions perpetuate. […]

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Political Tensions Are Heightened After Capitol Is Infiltrated By Protestors 

  The mainstream media is bought and paid for by liberal leaning enthusiasts who use their power to usurp the truth for political gain. During President Trump’s entire term, words have been twisted and stories have been warped to put Trump and his administration in a bad light. Was the […]

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Tragic: Citizens Dance In The Streets At The Ability To Kill More Unborn Babies

    Jumping on the pro-abort bandwagon, Argentina voted to legalize abortion up to 14 weeks in pregnancy. But as pro-lifers wept at the future loss of innocent life – a bizarre scene took place throughout the local neighborhoods. Instead of weeping and mourning in the streets – Argentinians were […]

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Insane Liberals Seek “Gender Inclusive” Terms To Replace Amen During Prayer

  The “politically correct” left is at it again – and this time they’ve brought the word police to the halls of Congress. During a typical Congressional prayer – one Congressman went rogue and ended prayer in the most bizarre way ever. In fact, you won’t even believe the way […]

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Thousands Show Up In DC To Stand For This Country’s Fundamental Processes

  Liberals have shown that they only want their specific religion of anti-American relativity and chaos to prevail. Anything that stands for fundamentals on any level is mocked and attacked by the left leaning posse. Now that we are dealing with the constitutional process of a Presidential election, it is […]

This Man With Down Syndrome Just Shattered All Stereotypes

This Man With Down Syndrome Just Shattered All Stereotypes

When a woman learns she is carrying a baby with Down syndrome – doctors often tell them to prepare for the worst. Instead of giving them hope – doctors essentially tell moms “not to expect much” – and place doubt that their child will ever amount to anything. But one […]

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After More Than 3,739 Days In Foster Care – This Teen Finally Has A Home

  There’s nothing worse than feeling unwanted and rejected – especially without a family to call your own. 17-year old Akyra knows this all too well as she spent more than 10-years in the foster system being tossed from place to place. Just when she had given up all hope […]

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Man With Down Syndrome Accomplishes Incredible Feat

Photo by Marco Verch on Flickr  Many of us look at athletes with awe and wonder as they break through world records and rip through finishing lines with pride. Building up the endurance, strength, and sheer will power to become fit enough to complete a professional competition takes more time, […]

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Beware:  Our Favorite Brands Are Ramping-Up Progressive Grooming of Our Children

  Americans are no strangers to marketing campaigns that focus on a particular holiday, public event, or cause to draw consumers in by making an emotional connection. But one of the most outright propaganda campaigns in recent years to appear in every type of marketing has been centered around LGBTQ […]