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Virginia Pregnant Woman Gets COVID-19 Despite Extreme Precautions

  The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused many Americans to bar their windows, lock their doors, and shut themselves away from the world. Media giants have led the masses to believe that doing this will make you part of the elite race of survivors after the virus has taken out […]
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New Research Can Help Women Understand This Tragedy Is Not Their Fault

  There is no greater tragedy a human being can experience than losing a child. Many times when a child is lost during pregnancy, whether through miscarriage or stillbirth, parents – especially mothers – may feel there is something they could have done to “prevent” this tragic and life-changing outcome. […]
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Extreme Dangers Linked to “Abortion by Mail” Program

  We hear it time and time again – the Left says abortion is a “women’s healthcare issue.” But what they don’t talk about is all the damage, both physical and emotional, that is caused when a woman aborts her child. And we’re now hearing of a frightening scenario in […]
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Politicians Threaten To Jail Parents And Teachers For Opening Private Christian Schools

  The media scare campaign has made some school officials terrified to resume school in the fall. Many schools around the country are opting for virtual learning, or some sort of “bizarre” hybrid combination. But then there are many private and Christian schools who refuse to remain controlled by fear- […]
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Biden Refused Communion Because Of His Anti-Biblical Position

  For politicians, going to a religious event is pre-meditated and often has more than one motive. And houses of worship take this in stride because they want to show love to everyone while supporting our leaders in government. But it is a priest’s duty to uphold the Scriptures- even […]
Retailers Pull Sickening Toy From Shelves After One Mom’s Social Media Post – And It’s a Wake-Up Call For Parents

Retailers Pull Sickening Toy From Shelves After One Mom’s Social Media Post – And It’s a Wake-Up Call For Parents

  One of the greatest challenges presented to parents in the last few years has been finding appropriate entertainment that has not been corrupted by the agenda of the Left. Children’s programming on television, films, books, and even toys have increasingly promoted the LGBTQ agenda, which many believe is an […]
Family Throws Gender Reveal Party For Teenage Daughter

Family Throws Gender Reveal Party For Teenage Daughter

  One of the most exciting joys of being pregnant is discovering whether you are having a girl or boy. Gender reveal parties are all the rage, with moms releasing blue balloons into the sky announcing they are having a boy or cutting the cake to reveal pink filling for […]
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High Turnover And Chaos At Planned Parenthood Reveal The Abortion Giant Is Losing Power

  While Planned Parenthood tries to put on a good front and act like they’ve got it all together, a former employee blows the whistle on the imploding organization. From high leadership turnover to even firing former CEO Leana Wen, Planned Parenthood’s personnel struggles are an absolute nightmare. And as […]
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The Latest Casualty – Hallmark Jumps On The LGBT Bandwagon

  With primetime TV full of anti-family shows and provocative plots – many moms have given up hope of finding anything wholesome to watch. The Hallmark channel used to be a beacon of hope – providing family-friendly shows – whether showing classics like I Love Lucy or more modern shows […]
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Disney World Is Now Open – But the Guidelines Will Shock You

  Many families are looking forward to taking a summer vacation after having been cooped up inside for months. And despite Disney’s recent downward trend towards embracing the LGBT agenda, many families still flock to Disney each year for a chance to see Disney characters up close and personal and […]