Transgender Chaos – Biological Male Impregnates 2 Women In Female Only Prison

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 Demi Minor, a biological male, has decided he “identifies” as a woman.

But when he was sentenced to prison for 30 years for manslaughter – he ended up in a New Jersey women’s prison – where he then went on to actually impregnate two different women.

And once you hear his plea for “innocence” you’re bound to be outraged.

For years – Mommy Underground has sounded the alarm of the serious dangers that would occur if biological men were placed into prisons with females.

From sexual assault, to traumatizing women who have previously been sexually abused, we knew nothing good could come of mixing genders.

Of course, liberal politicians like Biden insisted it “must happen” and states started changing their policies.

And now – we have a biological male – who actually impregnated two separate women while serving time for his crime – all because he was housed with women.

Minor claims the sexual relations were “mutual” and he didn’t know they would “get pregnant” because he thought he had “transitioned” enough to a female.

He has since been removed from the female prison and placed to a male youth prison – and is now complaining he’s being discriminated against because everyone refers to him as a “he” instead of his preferred gender.

And as it turns out – other biological males in female prisons are assaulting women all over the country thanks to this dangerous LGBT policy.

The Post Millennial reported:

“Pregnancies are popping up in prisons where this policy is implemented, such as the recent inmate pregnancies in California. Rapes have also been alleged.

Minor has a website,, where the felon wrote about the prison transfer on July 15. Minor wrote that “this prison does not have air, does not have cable does not allow video visits does not have and LGBT groups” and that “guards continued to call me he and him.”

On his “” page – news articles and photos are portraying Demi as the victim…

… even though he is the one who got two girls pregnant!

Any state that allows males to be housed with females in prison is simply asking for trouble.

How many women will be sexually assaulted before those in charge say enough is enough?

For being “pro-woman” – it’s amazing LGBT activists would rather promote their agenda than keep women safe.

Biological males should never be housed with females.

And it’s a good thing prison guards refuse to refer to him by his “preferred gender” and instead continue to refer to him as the male he is.

Those struggling with gender dysphoria should be mandated to seek mental health counseling.

But sadly – LGBT activists would rather use them as pawns in their greater scheme to make the nation accept the LGBT lifestyle as a way of life.

And unless something is done soon, female inmates will continue to live in fear that they’ll be assaulted next.

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