Female Prisoners Are Being Sexually Assaulted By “Transgender” Inmates But Officials Don’t Care 

Photo by Penn State on Flickr.com


The “transgender” lifestyle has made its way into every area of life – even behind the prison walls.

Female inmates are being sexually assaulted by men “claiming” to be female – but when they speak up about the assaults – they’re brutally dismissed.

And once you hear what’s really happening inside U.S. prisons – you’re bound to be horrified.

Nobody EVER “deserves” to be sexually assaulted.

It doesn’t matter how much a woman had to drink, what she’s wearing, or what crime she’s committed that landed her behind bars.

Sexual predators love to prey on women – and while many get away with it – some actually get arrested – and convicted.

But now sexual predators have found a new way to assault women – even while in prison.

Some prisons in the United States actually allow men to house with female inmates simply for “claiming” to be female.

Of course, sexual predators know this, and they love having a loophole to have full access to women to harm – 24 hours a day.

Many men are happy to “claim to be female” if it means they’ll be allowed to camp out in a female prison.

But instead of protecting women prisoners from these predators – officials are turning a blind eye and simply letting it happen.

Even worse – they’re actually criticizing sexual assault victims from speaking out – trying to silence and rewrite the narrative.

LifeSite News reported:

“One woman says she was raped by a man pretending to be a woman — the rapist was in prison for murder.

Prison officials demanded she retract her claim, recorded it as consensual sex, and then penalized the victim for filing a false rape claim.

The rapist’s lawyer claimed he was a victim of transphobia.”

While this is truly unbelievable, it was only a matter of time.

Mommy Underground sounded the alarm once it was known male inmates were allowed to house with females.

It was clear LGBT activists were more concerned about pushing an agenda, than protecting women.

Yeah…so much for being “pro woman.”

The only thing liberals care about is their own ideology.

Women all around the world are truly scared for their lives as many face sexual assault each and every day due to such reckless “transgender” policies.

And while tragic, yet again this story reveals just how dangerous “transgender” advocacy has become.

Teens are getting sexually assaulted in their own schools.

The President of the United States is pushing forward this wicked agenda – and adults are being forced to choose between supporting it – or losing their livelihood.

And in the prison system, it’s clear the “transgender” agenda is just as aggressive.

If something doesn’t change in our nation soon – we’ll truly enter into the point of no return.

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