Horrifying! “Transgender” Male Rapists Now Allowed Into Women’s Jail 

The “transgender” movement continues to endanger children and women everywhere by allowing sexual predators access to girl’s bathrooms and changing rooms – but it doesn’t stop there. 

All a man has to do is claim he is a “female” – and suddenly he is allowed to enter intimate and private areas surrounded by women.

LGBT activists claim that women and children are safe from sexual predators, and that conservatives are just paranoid – but the latest tragic story reveals just how much danger women are actually in.

One male rapist was sentenced to prison for his spree of sexual crimes, including two counts of rape and a separate two counts of sexual assault. 

This man exposed himself to children. He drugged and raped a pregnant woman. Animal cruelty. And the list goes on.

Clearly, this man is dangerous and belongs behind bars. 

But he decided he didn’t want to be in jail with other men – so he chose to “identify” as a woman.

So instead of sending this male prisoner to counseling to deal with his long list of mental issues, the prison actually allowed him to be detained in a women’s prison.

Sadly, the story doesn’t end there.

While in the women’s prison, this man went on to sexually assault more women.

And since these women were trapped behind bars, they had no way to defend themselves or means to escape!

It was only after women were sexually assaulted by this “transgender” man, the prison decided maybe it was a bad idea to move this convicted male rapist into a women’s prison. 

According to The Guardian, the Ministry of Justice “apologized” for moving a convicted male rapist into a women’s prison, claiming they didn’t take his “previous history” into account.

It was only after that they moved him back. 

If this male was locked up with other men – these women would have never been sexually assaulted.

The left is utterly obsessed with pandering to the “transgender” movement. 

But it has gone beyond politics and votes at this point.

To think those in power would continue to allow women and children to be endangered by known sexual predators is terrifying.

As Mommy Underground reported, these types of situations are happening all over the world.

Like the dad in Target who caught a pervert trying to film his daughter. 

And let’s not forget it was Target that decided to embrace the LGBT community by selling “Pride” gear for children and having “transgender” changing rooms and bathrooms.

Or the little girl who was using the restroom and had to defend herself against a predator attempting to enter the stall.

If we allow our women and children to be pawns in the “transgender” battle – more and more stories of abuse and assault will continue.

What are your thoughts on allowing a convicted male rapist who “identified” as a woman access to a women’s prison?

Do you agree our women and children are in danger from the “transgender” movement like never before?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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