Parents Infuriated After Crayola Jumps On The LGBT Bandwagons

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As children prepare to go back to school – stores and manufacturers continue to advertise the latest sales and promotions.

Most families have several Crayola products in their school supply arsenal – and so this year Crayola decided to use their influence to promote the unthinkable.

And once you hear about the latest “transgender” Crayola model – you’re bound to be furious.

With all the LGBT madness sweeping the nation, companies are using it as a chance to prove their LGBT credentials – so they often change their logos to rainbows or introduce LGBT friendly gear.

Apparently, Crayola couldn’t resist the temptation…

…and they too decided to take a dark turn.

Instead of sticking to their business of simply selling crayons, markers, and other art supplies to children – they just HAD to bring “transgenderism” into their marketing.

On their Facebook page, Crayola decided to celebrate “disability transgender month” and post a photo of a “transgender” model with a disability.

The post was apparently taken down, but not before it went viral, infuriating parents.

The Daily Wire reported:

“Julian Gavino, aka The Disabled Hippie Life Coaching, (he/him) is a fashion model, writer, and activist who identifies as a transgender man. He was born with a progressive neurological condition,” Crayola wrote alongside the photos. “Julian is passionate about advocating for his respective communities.”

“As someone who grew up not seeing anyone who looked like him in the media, Julian is determined to normalize disabled and trans bodies in the fashion world,” Crayola wrote. “This #DisabilityPrideMonth Crayola celebrates Julian and everyone like him for their passion and creativity.”

Here we go.

LGBT activists already hijacked June as “pride month” …

… and now they are claiming July is “disability pride month.”

Meanwhile, our children continue to be bombarded with “transgender” everything wherever they go.

Schools are telling them it’s perfectly normal to “choose their own gender” and pronouns for the year.

Counselors are pitting students against their own parents and teaching them to hide things and keep secrets from trusted adults in their lives.

Libraries are forcing “drag queen” story hour onto young children…

… and some schools are even taking “field trips” to gay bars all in honor of promoting the “diversity” of LGBT.

And now, parents and kids have to watch Crayola promote the LGBT madness.

Angry parents wasted no time letting Crayola how they felt about using their platform to promote “transgender disability.”

The Daily Wire continued:

“Stop! Children need to be protected from this!” wrote Charlotte Nelson Fiedler. “It is sad when I want to go against the school supply suggestions and NOT buy Crayola. Get off the woke bus. Go woke, go broke.”

Sadly, it looks like Crayola is going to have to learn their lesson the hard way – just like all the other companies that have endorsed LGBT policies.

Maybe when their bottom line gets hit hard enough, they’ll go back to just selling art supplies.

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