Women Traumatized As Creepy Peeping Tom Falls Out Of Women’s Locker Room Ceiling


Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr.com

Imagine working out at the gym and going to the locker room to change…

… only to have a grown man fall out of the ceiling.

This is exactly what happened to two women at Onelife Fitness – and just wait until you hear the horrifying details.

Brian Anthony Joe was busted falling out of a ceiling while spying on women in a locker room during their most vulnerable moments – and this wasn’t his first offense.

As it turns out he had previous peeping Tom charges – including a charge with unlawfully trying to film a minor.

It’s clear he hadn’t learned his lesson – as he was busted committing the same offense.

Most recently, he set up a whole system in the gym where he worked out – and would climb into the ceiling and spy on unsuspecting women for hours at a time.

The Fredericksburg Free Lance Star reported:

“During the ensuing investigation, police discovered a series of straps, clips and binders that allowed Joe to suspend himself above the locker room’s drop ceiling.

He got into the ceiling via a rope ladder he placed in a unisex bathroom that he locked behind him, and he cut holes in strategic places that allowed him to look into the locker room with the assistance of a small camera.”

Truly sick and perverted!

Joe’s defense attorney claimed he was an outstanding member of society and asked for a lenient 6-month sentence – but the judge wasn’t having it.

Even though Joe “apologized” for the pain he caused and blamed it on his drug use – the judge determined society couldn’t risk having him on the streets, and sentenced him to 59 years in prison with 40 of the years suspended.

While he may be in prison, the trail of trauma he left can’t be understated.

Who knows how many women have been victimized by this man… and don’t even know it.

The Fredericksburg Free Lance Star continued:

“The facility’s general manager said Joe’s “disgusting and lewd” actions have hurt the business and her peace of mind.

Another woman said the experience has impacted her “tremendously” and made her feel unsafe. “It just changes you,” she said. “I look at ceilings now more than I ever have before.”

So violating.

And who knows what else he would have done if he wasn’t caught.

But sexual predators are empowered like never before on the rampage.

They love to frequent retail centers and businesses – and they’ll keep at it until they are caught… if they ever are.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, a dad busted a pervert trying to film under the skirt of his minor daughter.

And as gyms and stores continue to promote “transgender” bathrooms and policies – we can expect even more sexual predators to flock.

A woman shouldn’t have to be vigilant while using the restroom or locker room – but this is the crazy reality we live in.

To all the women that were violated by Joe – we wish them well as they heal through their trauma.

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