Target’s New ‘Genderless’ Policies Are Attracting Sexual Predators

Target used to be the go-to place where women and families could purchase all their household needs.

But ever since Target decided to allow men to use women’s restrooms and created “transgender” dressing rooms, mothers have boycotted the store and taken their children elsewhere.

And it’s a good thing, because Target really is attracting sexual predators to its stores, making it a dangerous place to shop.

Breitbart reported:

“A female shopper called police after finding that a man was following her around the Westchester Commons Target store. At one point, she said, the man put a cell phone in a basket on the floor and pushed it toward her, according to a report by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“She soon noticed a shopping basket on the floor near her with a phone in it; the phone’s camera was facing up in an apparent attempt to take photos up her skirt,” a police report said.”

When Target first decided to implement their “genderless” policy, conservative women pleaded with Target to reconsider, but Target refused to reverse their policy.

Instead, Target chose to double down by issuing a statement on their website which said:

Inclusivity is a core belief at Target. It’s something we celebrate. We stand for equality and equity, and strive to make our guests and team members feel accepted, respected and welcomed in our stores and workplaces every day.

We believe that everyone—every team member, every guest, and every community—deserves to be protected from discrimination, and treated equally. Consistent with this belief, Target supports the federal Equality Act, which provides protections to LGBT individuals, and opposes action that enables discrimination.

In our stores, we demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways. Most relevant for the conversations currently underway, we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

Because of Target’s arrogance and refusal to reverse their policy, they are suffering major consequences.

In fact, it’s only a matter of time before their doors are closed for good.

Conservative parents warned Target not to move forward with their “transgender” bathroom policy, but Target was defiant and wouldn’t listen.

While Target’s CEO Brian Cornell kept insisting Target was doing “just fine”, now he is forced to walk back his words.

Cornell realizes the seriousness of conservatives boycotting Target, but now it’s too late.

Breitbart reported:

 “While insisting that things are turning around for his company, Target CEO Brian Cornell admitted, “We aren’t doing any high fives in the [board] room.”

The CEO is also finding consequences from the company’s fall. This month it was reported that the retailer slashed its CEO’s pay by at least one-third.

Cornell is not the only high-ranking officer at Target to feel the pain. As the company works to revamp itself in the face of its ongoing troubles, several top executives have been fired or have otherwise moved on from the retailer.

Other signs of the retailer’s troubles came in February when it abruptly dumped several projects aimed at revitalizing the company’s brand.”

Businesses across the country should take note at the downward spiral of Target and realize the same thing will happen to them if they implement “transgender” policies in their stores.

Parents care about protecting their children, and won’t subject their little girls to being traumatized by a grown man walking in on them in the restroom.

Teen girls want to be free to change in a dressing room without a man dressed as a woman directly next to them.

And women want to freely shop without sexual predators sliding cameras up their skirts.

Target has become a magnet for drawing in sexual predators. More and more moms are saying “no thanks”, and choosing to shop at other retail stores.

Do you think Target is a safe place for families to shop?

Do you think Target should rescind its “transgender” policies?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. Target should CLOSE and go out of business, their policies are UNANERICAN!!!

    • They will. But first they will be forced into bankruptcy. And then their CEO and board of directors will whine and say that they don’t understand why their sales dropped. Keep the boycott alive.

  2. For the life of me I cannot understand why restrooms are now political. I am sorry but I do not want my 3 year old granddaughter exposed to someone’s genitals in the bathrooms or ANYWHERE. I do not go to Target anymore as I am old enough to know this was going to happen. Ideology works best in the classroom but rarely in real life.

    • El Ja Cardin says:

      Do not apologize for being right. This crap can make Target stores go broke. Continue to boycott this store. They do not honor our tried and true American values.
      I am rather poor and struggle to even buy enough groceries. But I would pay MORE to go to another store before I will ever set foot in a Target store. They need to remember us, The Public.

      • yes, Tried and true, but very bendable, as in the owner of said store chain should bend over and take it where the sun won’t shine!!!!

  3. joeupyours says:

    THE demoRATS,muslims and main stream media cnn,abc,nbc,cbs,msnbc r the WAR on American,long live President Trump! GOD bless the United States Of American!LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

    • And moslimes are in a cult, not a religion. Far from a religion and the cult authorizes and encourages lying, cheating, and killing anyone who does not joint the cult. They are the antithesis of this nation and should have never been allowed into this country. With all their strongholds popping up everywhere it is abundantly clear the sociopath did much harm. But if these cultist continue their crusades, we are armed and outnumber them so bring it on. Time for the cultist to assimilate or leave because we are not EU and Germany and will give as good as we get, even the grandpas and grandmas. Everyone in this country has at least one gun and the libturds are not winning in the disarmament. And any fool knows to the cultists unarmed equals victim and we all know they attack where they expect only victims.

      • Ollie Octopus says:

        If you really want to know what the Muslims are really like and what they want, google – “A Warning To The West: A Voice From The Heart Of The Islamic World.” They are not here to assimilate, but rather to conquer. This woman was a believer in Islam for 27 years until she saw the light. She lived in Egypt and was there on 9/11 when the peaceful Islamic followers decided to fly airplanes into the twin towers. For three days afterward, Egypt declared a holiday. People celebrated, restaurants gave away free food, public transportation was free, etc. Does this mean that only 19 hijackers were “extremists” while the 80 million Muslim Egyptians were “moderate peace loving” people? Does that mean that 80 million are “peace loving” only because they did not kill by their own hands?

        One would have to be a fool to not be concerned, because it’s coming here.

        • We can ALL thank BO and the libturds for that. Thus the reason even a grandma is armed and knows how to use the gun or guns. We are forewarned. All we have to do is watch the happenings in EU. Good post Ollie but when I was a kid my father came home after WWII and said the moslimes in the middle east would cause the next WW and it looks to me like he was right. Where they have built their cultist hangouts is where they will be aligning and planning. And they are popping up like crazy everywhere. The crusades are coming to the US thanks to the cultist.

        • El Ja Cardin says:

          Thank you.

      • El Ja Cardin says:

        Thank you, I have been calling the mooslims a
        Cult for a very long time and you are the first person I have seen who agrees with this.

        • What else can it be? It is certainly not a religion! Keep calling it what it is. I have found the truth always wins support!

        • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

          It’s also demonic. It’s a sign of the end times fast approaching. When God says it’s enough, that’ll be the end of all of these Moslims, & liberals.They will be the cause of the destruction of the planet.

        • feduptohere says:

          Many agree, just aren’t vocal, but that is a fact, it is certainly not a religion, whatever else it may be called.

          • albany le says:

            Thank you, I think that people are too afraid to reply. This fear can make things much worse! Do you agree?

    • El Ja Cardin says:

      Love Trump, Mattis, Gowdy and many more like minded people.

    • El Ja Cardin says:

      God Bless and Keep President Trump and his family. May God Bless and Keep all true Americans.

  4. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    keep up the boycotts people!!!!!

    • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      I wish people would boycott CNN too. If we hit them in their pocketbooks, we get their attention. One reason the establishment is so full of hatred for our President, is because they know that if he accomplishes even HALF of what he promised, they’re going to lose money big time.

    • Target was one of my favorite stores, and I used to go there with a friend just to browse and sometimes ended up buying something.
      I still have clothes bought there but a I joined the boycott and today I don’t even remember Target anymore. A sad proof that the minority is controlled the majority and we, poor sheep, are following them. How sad!

  5. COL Bullseye says:

    That lady should have picked up the phone and headed to the bathroom and flushed it. Then she should pepper spay and zap the perv-obumma-voter with a 2 million volt stun gun right in the groin!
    If any woman NEEDS to have a job at Perv-Target, she should ALWAYS conceal spray and zapper, and maybe even an extendable 26″ metal head-basher. These pervs must be stopped!

    • While I like your solution, if she did do something like you suggested, she would be arrested. Pervs and criminals (especially at Target) have more rights than regular people.

    • JSStryker says:

      She should have just picked up the phone, checked it for a memory card, removed the card, then stomped it into dust then did the same thing with the camera.

  6. First and foremost in this argument is that this transgender issue is an assault against women. No woman agreed to this except the libturd ones. This is against the rights of all women and it was granted by a racist half black sociopath. Target is wrong, wrong, wrong and any woman who shops there is an idiot or a libturd. Women have rights, we are half the nation, and the half did NOT approve of this edict by the arrogant narcissistic black racist sociopath. That is why the stores who support this have lost business and will continue to do so. Give the weirdos their own bathroom but do not put them in or allow them in the women’s bathrooms. And any business that violates the rights of women should be boycotted! Go women, mothers and ladies. Put em out of business!

  7. Ollie Octopus says:

    It is too late for Target to turn me around. I visited three different stores and asked to speak to the manager. In all three cases I got two asst. managers who all stared at me me like a deer caught in a car’s headlights when I read them the riot act. Their answers must have been scripted because they all said: “I’m sorry you feel that way.” I told all of them that the only way they would find me in a Target store was if they were the ONLY place I could get an item that I wanted. Target’s CEO Brian Cornell must be one of THEM.

  8. Target’s stock price has dropped nearly a third of its value since their April 2016 policy announcement. That’s about $13 Billion in total stock value.

  9. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    It used to be that transgenders used which ever bathroom they wanted, but very discreetly. Now it’s become a political tool, & has really caused problems for everybody. I’ve know a couple of transgenders, & they were as nice as could be, & didn’t try to force people into agreeing with their lifestyle choices. The dressing rooms are a new issue though, & has drawn a LOT of perverts. I wonder how many real transgenders actually shop at Target? Probably not very many, if the truth be known.

  10. …Target the Reprobate HeadQuarters

  11. It is too late for them to rescind it. I have replaced them with a family friendly non-Walmart retailer in my area. Even if they change it now, they have lost my business for good, and I did most of my shopping there in times past.

  12. David VanBockel says:

    Delighted to read of the changes at Target!
    Now the ringleader Mark Dayton will win for his family the results they have deserved for decades.

  13. Original Anna says:

    Ask LGBT why it is so political, it is their agenda to make our society a genderless society so man with man will be totally accepted by the rest of us who so disagree with their agenda. They want all kinds of sex accepted by all of us. They don’t get that normal men and women recognize that there are two genders, man and woman and that will always be the normal sexual activity. LGBT has bullied our schools into offering up our kids to adult sexual activity. Little girls have to let boys who “think” they are girls into the girls bathrooms as if girls have no rights to privacy, it is all about what boys want and as adults it will be all about accepting what homosexuals want. Schools in certain states like Massachusetts and CA let homosexuals teach kids in kindergarden up that homosexual sex is normal and to “try it, they will like it.” Of course they will like it, our bodies are made to like sex to encourage women and men to produce children to keep mankind existing. LGBT has made churches think churches have to be inclusive or they are bigoted. Jesus said to “…spread his word and if there are those who won’t listen, leave them to Satan and move on to those who will listen.” Churches don’t need to accept Satanism as Jesus has said. LGBT twist its words to confuse and get you to do as they want, boys going through puberty and kids indoctrinated to when adult men approach them for sex to think it is normal. Visit the LGBT website and look at their mission statement. They are pagans pushing this country back into pagan sexual activity for their needs not normal people’s sexual needs.

  14. I shopped at Target most of my life. I lived in Minnesota and thought it was the best store around. Not any more, not any more. I have found other retailers in the area to spend my money at. I am sure my little 1000s a year I spent there will not hurt them in the long run. They will not get another penny out of me until changes are made. I really used to like Target. Watched one of the first stores being built from my bedroom window when I was in the !st grade. The North Saint Paul store. I am 59 years old. Sad what few dumb ass’s can do to a great company like Target. SAD SAD SAD Everyone on the board who voted for this, should be fired.

  15. What’s with Target anyway? New owners? About 7-8 years ago, they were displaying “Christmas” and Santa Clause signage and decor while so many other stores were doing the “Happy Holidays,” candy canes, and Frosty the Snowman thing. I was very proud of Target about that. But now they’ve done a complete 180-degree turnaround with transgender bathrooms and trying to PUSH children into toys/clothes with the LGBT rainbow and unicorn symbols. No more Target for us!

  16. Janette Vitanza says:

    I signed a boycott petition last year. About 3 months later I received a letter telling me that I had 30 days to use my credit card or they would cancel it. I still didn’t shop there and 3 months later I received another threat of canceling my card so I called them and cancelled myself. They asked why and I told them.

  17. Marcia Fridland says:

    By accommodating the special convenience expected by transvestites, Target is absolutely ignoring the comfort and safety of all others. The consequences are exactly what Target should have expected.

  18. Target appears working to increase the targeted victimization of women and children in the name of inclusivity, while not understanding that they also appear acting with reverse discrimination against their once loyal long-term customer base. These actions are not respectful, nor acceptable. The needs of the few do not outweigh the needs of the many; that was a line in a serial and a movie. Acting to discriminate and increase victimization of a large customer base is not acceptable for any retailer in America, or elsewhere. How good it would be if Target removed itself from political activism and returned to the business of retail without bias and reverse discrimination, to withdraw from policies which increased risk to its customers and their victimization. Better to lose Target as a retailer than to see the chain continue to risk the safety of its larger customer base.

  19. I have boycotted Target.

  20. feduptohere says:

    It is a shame when retail and discount stores went political. Target was a go to location for my family, as they carried many of the items we sought, but when these changes started, forget it, not only are weirdos lurking around bathrooms, but in dressing rooms, AND parking lots. Great idea ~ you TARGETED all the obvious, and eliminated you customers.

  21. Barmaid51 says:

    One week after Target announced their bathroom policy, a pervert was allowed to go into the Ladies changing rooms and got caught taking pictures. He escaped. This was in Revere MA and the locals covered it.

  22. Kathy Garrett Mader says:

    I haven’t been to Target in over a year, when their new bathroom policy was first announced. I’m saving lots of money as a side benefit.

  23. TARGET is just a QUEER COMPANY

  24. albany le says:

    Which is another reason why public bathrooms should be labeled Men Women or Whatever

  25. Target stores are very very QUEER

  26. Mathew Molk says:

    I hope they stay the course ,,,,and go under.
    Let it be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can dump the Judaeo/Christian principals this country was founded on.

    If they want to live like animals let them go to France or some other place that embraces their perversions.

    In other words,,,,The American way or the highway.

  27. grouchyroan says:

    the media does not report about all the countries that have strict policies on who is allowed in their country, muslims are not welcome in quite a few. and what other countries allow men in restrooms with women and children. other than a large caliber to make them truly gender-less, a really good high voltage stun gun could put a stop to some of the perverts with cameras, or my old favorite inspired by the really old gangs when i moved to san antonio in the 50s, a knitting needle imbedded in the toe or side of heel in your shoe, when you see one of these freaks spying or getting too close to you or your children just a little push will get his attention, and if you rub a little, lets say excrement, on the needle he will remember a long time. disgusting, criminal, sure, but if our government condones criminals and gives them the opportunity and access to our children then we need to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves.

  28. Camille Gilliam says:

    I said this would happen, when they thought they were being so smart. I new that sexual predators would be getting involved.

    • Debra(bogene) says:

      Yep, I knew it was going to draw them, like fly’s to a outhouse.

      • Camille Gilliam says:

        Good answer, did you read the one above that said she should have taken her phone in the restroom, then use a stun gun on him. Look above!

        • Debra(bogene) says:

          Yea, i seen that. I don’t know about that. He could take it away from her and use it on her. Not good. I don’t know how us women are going to defend ourselves from grown a** men. And i fear for the children, boys and girls, it makes no difference to these perverts which one they can capture. And children are defenseless against grown men. All this makes me sick. I think this is going to turn out really bad, because of them demanding to invade our children’s space and ours. Perverts have been around since the beginning of time almost,, and we left them alone and let them live their own life, but all of a sudden, just the past 5 or 6 years, that wasn’t good enough for them. They demand we are going to share bathrooms etc. with them. Not going to happen. They need to back off and go lead their own lives and leave us alone, before they cause hatred towards them and that won’t turn out good for them. Take care, stay safe.

  29. Jim Strong says:

    Time to put Target out of business. Stores like Target are not needed.

  30. Carol Art says:

    Emphatically agree with prior comments of those posted before hand. Have 2 small granddaughters and certainly would not feel comfortable taking them shopping in Targets! Wouldn’t ever feel very comfortable using the restrooms there myself either !!!

  31. DonOldGuy says:

    Long ago I stopped going to Target when they refused to allow the Salvation Army to put “bell ringers” in front of their stores.

    • Debra(bogene) says:

      DonOldGuy,,Nice to hear somebody else did that too. I did that also. I thought it was very heartless of them. And when they started this evil bathroom and dressing room crap,, it had no effect on me, cause i don’t shop at their stores anyway. I hope all of them are closed down.

      • DonOldGuy says:

        Both Best Buy and Target carried items I would have purchased, but both suppressed Christmas greetings and activities to levels I couldn’t abide. BB and Target in our area put celebratory signs for “Eid”

  32. JOHN STEEL says:


  33. I would love to see Target go bankrupt, with no doubt!!!!

  34. Stupid asses should bankrupt for that damn move to attract perverts to their stores. It was just a matter of time before the predators found out that they could find a chance to try to attack women , teens and small children in the dressing rooms and the women’s rest room..We the people are not politically correct and shouldn’t have to be ………

  35. Haven’t shopped there since the policy went into effect. Go to Kohls.

  36. Eneida Medina says:

    No let them keep policy in place,and soon the only people shopping will be the transgender,will see what their profits look like,for all i care hope to see them closing all the stores,

  37. eddyjames says:

    At least they have the right name. The Store where all women are “Targets”

  38. Mad Scientist says:

    I have not set foot in a Target since this policy was initiated, and if the article is correct about financial woes then they are richly deserved. People are sick and tired of this PC crap and are thru having it rammed down their throats. All it will take is for someone to be raped, assaulted, or molested with a lawsuit following, and the straw will break the camel’s back.

  39. effin Obama a pervert in every bathroom WTF

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