Wicked “Transgender” Policy Endangers Girls And Allows For Locker Room Free-For-All

A frightening new pro-LGBT policy has hit the schools and has opened up the floodgates endangering girls everywhere.

With more and more schools allowing children to “change genders” and choose the locker room of their choice, one wouldn’t think things could get any worse.

But the latest “transgender” policy approved by educators sets the stage for unprecedented levels of trauma and confusion and invites predators to have full access to teenage girls, legally.

The obsession with the left’s desire to control locker rooms is puzzling and even demonic.

They simply cannot stand to let teenage girls have the privacy to change in a room or use a bathroom without allowing young boys to be among their presence.

Teenage girls are speaking up and fighting back, and some teachers are even losing their jobs for refusing to go along.

But instead of giving up the fight, school officials are doubling down and working to make locker room access even more open to the LGBT agenda.

And the latest attempt in Baltimore passed with flying colors and makes it even easier for those who simply “claim to be a girl” that day to use the girl’s locker room, no questions asked.

The Christian Post reported:

“Under the new rules, students will have the ability to use the pronouns and names of their choosing without being required to have already changed their name legally. The transgender students may also use locker rooms and bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Also, schools can not force transgender students to use a private or gender-neutral bathroom.

The school district’s new policy states that students who object to the policy will be provided with a “safe non-stigmatizing alternative.”

The board passed this policy unanimously. Not one board member stood up to protect the dignity of teenagers and speak out against this horrific policy.

This latest policy is truly an indication of just how far our society has spiraled into a dark place.

Teenage girls should be able to change in their locker rooms for gym class without having to worry about boys gawking at them, simply because they “claim” to be a girl.

Young girls should not have to feel shame and fear when simply trying to change and get ready for class

And by the school literally allowing students to pick whatever “pronoun” they want to call themselves for the day, they are further encouraging depravity and confusion in young teenagers by placating their sickness.

Teens have it hard enough as it is facing the pressures and hormones of being young and vulnerable.

Those who struggle with gender dysphoria need mental help and counseling, not encouragement to keep on the path of destruction.

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But with adults actually coming up with these “transgender” policies and enforcing them, confused kids think they are on the right track.Even worse, sexual predators are being taught at a young age that rules don’t matter and all they have to simply do is identify with a different “pronoun” and they’ll have legal access to change amongst young girls.

A boy is a boy and should use the male locker room.  A girl is a girl and should use the female locker room.

If school officials took even ¼ of the time they spent advocating for “transgender” policies and devoted it to improving the mental health of their students, perhaps this wouldn’t even be an issue.

What are your thoughts on allowing students to “choose their own pronoun” and enter the locker room of their choice?

Why do you think school officials continue to back “transgender” policies that endanger the safety of students?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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