Hospital Ignores Wishes Of Parents To Keep Their Child On Life Support

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One family found themselves in a heartbreaking situation as they worked to save the life of their little 12-year-old boy – only to have the hospital work against them.

12-year-old Archie Battersbee suffered a severe brain injury, and doctors concluded he was “likely dead” after the results of an MRI scan. 

The judge seemed to agree with the opinion of the doctors and ordered Archie off of life support – but his parents aren’t giving up fighting for their precious son and just wait until you hear their story. 

One can’t even imagine that a judge and doctor can suddenly declare a person can no longer be on life support – against the wishes of the parent.

But here we are. Again. 

Sadly, this isn’t the first time doctors have overruled a parent’s desire to fight for their baby.

Charlie Gard’s parents were forced to bury their baby instead of celebrating his next birthday, and Alfie Evan’s parents went through the same grief and trauma. 

Both sets of parents wanted to fight to keep their baby alive – but the medical establishment and government bureaucrats simply wouldn’t allow it.

And now Archie’s family joins in the fight. 

Archie’s parents fought for their son and lost in the court.

While they are devastated and heartbroken, the family is not giving up hope just yet – and a prayer vigil is happening outside the hospital.

Archie’s mother Hollie Dance wants more time and has pleaded with officials to let her son have the chance at life. 

Christian Concern reported:

“Following the judgment, Archie’s mother, Hollie Dance, said: “I am devastated and extremely disappointed by the judge’s ruling after weeks of fighting a legal battle when I wanted to be at my little boy’s bedside…

“I do not believe Archie has been given enough time. From the beginning I have always thought ‘why the rush?’ His heart is still beating, he has gripped my hand, and as his mother, I know he is still in there. 

“Until it’s God’s way I won’t accept he should go. I know of miracles when people have come back from being brain dead.”

Such gut-wrenching pain – and completely unnecessary.

A parent knows their child better than medical “experts” who are often wrong.

As if we needed yet another example as to why socialized medicine doesn’t work – this story tells it all. 

And as heartbreaking as these stories are – we aren’t too far off from having the government do the same thing here.

Anytime you give a government bureaucrat power – you can’t ever take it back.

Americans have already given up so many rights during the pandemic – and politicians exploited the situation to gain control.

Socialized medicine kills

No parent should ever have to risk losing their son because the government thinks they know best.

Our hearts ache for Archie’s family as they go through this difficult time.

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