UK Tries To Sentence Another Baby To Death

The world watched in horror, as socialized medicine killed babies like Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans.

And yet again, another baby found himself trapped in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), and was in the fight of his life.

And when UK doctors couldn’t help him, America stepped in, and the end result will leave you speechless.

If there’s one thing that is abundantly clear, socialized medicine does not work.

It denies individuals the right to life, by creating a bunch of bureaucratic rules and regulations, often denying to provide care to those who need it most.

So when 10-month-old baby Oliver had a life-threatening heart disorder, his parents were terrified.

NHS gave the usual runaround – stating Oliver would have to be put on a waitlist, and even after the surgery he likely wouldn’t live to be an adult.

They tried to paint the picture of terror, claiming he wouldn’t survive the surgery.

Oliver’s mom recalls the excuses doctors gave her, attempting to deny the surgery.

The Mirror reported:

“No parent should have to bury their child,” says Lydia. “For the NHS to say, ‘we’re sorry, we can’t help’, is devastating.

“We asked if the NHS could fly the surgeon over here, but he’s not licensed to operate in the UK.

“We asked if an English surgeon could learn the procedure, but they said no. So we must raise the money ourselves.

“Our NHS consultant has said if Boston agreed to treat Oliver then we had to get him there.”

But his parents pressed on, desperate to save their little boy’s life.

And when a team of doctors in Boston agreed to step in and help, Oliver’s parents jumped at the chance.

Expect, it was going to cost over $250,000 for the surgery, and at first NHS wouldn’t help.

That is until Oliver’s parents ran a crowdfunding campaign, and raised more than half of the funds themselves.

Due to the pressure, NHS caved, and allowed baby Oliver to go to Boston for the surgery, and they paid for the surgery too!

And the best part is, Oliver survived the surgery, and is thriving.

But if he had been forced to enter a waiting list period in the United Kingdom, he may not be alive today.

Oliver’s story shows the importance of allowing parents to seek outside healthcare for their children.

No parent should be denied the right to exercise whatever means possible to save their child’s life.

Sadly, sweet little Alfie Evans’ parents weren’t so fortunate, and had to suffer the unthinkable horror of watching their sweet baby boy die at the hands of doctors.

And Charlie Gard’s parents had to undergo the same horror.

While Oliver escaped death, thanks to the determination of U.S. doctors, and the persistence of his parents, as long as socialized medicine exists, no baby is safe.

To those in the United States who advocate for government-run healthcare, the death of these babies serves as a reminder of what socialized healthcare actually entails.

In contrast, having Oliver undergo surgery in Boston, and live, shows the importance of parents being able to choose their own doctors.

And now, Oliver has the chance to thrive at life, since he was actually given the chance at life.

What are your thoughts on socialized medicine? Do you ever think it’s a good thing?

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