Biden Won’t Let Schools Feed Kids Lunch Unless They Bow Down To The LGBT Agenda

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It’s no secret Joe Biden is a rabid advocate for “transgender” kids – and yet again his personal agenda is wreaking havoc in the schools.

Biden’s administration claims schools are “discriminating” against students if they don’t let them use their bathroom or locker room of choice – and to punish schools for noncompliance they’ve resorted to the unthinkable.

And once you hear how Biden is holding children hostage – you’re bound to be outraged.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food and Nutrition service (FNS) is no longer going to give money to schools who don’t adopt Biden’s radical pro-LGBT agenda.

USDA claims they are interpreting Title IX protections to include protecting against “gender discrimination” – and referenced Biden’s executive order pledging to let children “love who they love” and use whatever restroom they want.

A USDA press release stated:

“As a result, state and local agencies, program operators and sponsors that receive funds from FNS must investigate allegations of discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. 

Those organizations must also update their non-discrimination policies and signage to include prohibitions against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.”

Essentially – if a school doesn’t let a boy who “identifies” as a girl use the girl’s restroom and doesn’t accept the “transgender” propaganda being pushed by Biden – students will be denied food.

FNS has a variety of programs they operate – including giving free or reduced-cost lunches to children in need.

According to Fox News, the FNS program feeds nearing 30 million children a day! 

To punish children because a school doesn’t adopt a radical ideology is downright terrifying.

Others seem to agree and are calling out the Biden administration.

Fox News reported:

“What you’re seeing here is really the Biden administration saying ‘you’re going to do what I want or I’m going to take your lunch money,’” Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior told Fox News. 

“For the federal government to come in and really tie school nutrition and school lunch programs to this radical ideology is terrifying, and it’s appalling.”

Biden’s powerplays are only going to get worse.

He’s made it clear that it’s his way or the highway – and anyone who dares to challenge or speak out against him will face consequences.

Students are being sexually assaulted in restrooms, female athletes are losing out at scholarships to colleges, all in the name of “transgender policies.”

But instead of addressing these real issues – Biden seeks to punish children and take their lunches away.

Thankfully there are still states standing up to Biden – refusing to be intimated by his latest tactics.

And while the left may pretend they care about women and children – this latest move by the USDA shows the only thing they truly care about is protecting their own political interests and pushing a radical agenda. 

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