The Debate To Allow “Transgender” Boys To Compete In Girls’ Sports Rages On With Consequences 

With school back in session and sport season officially in gear – the battle over “transgender” athletes being allowed to compete in sporting championships continues.

As it stands, 20 states now allow “transgender” students to compete in sports or be on a team based on their self-identified “gender identity”.

But the truth is, this dangerous policy is actually hurting girls all around the country as yet another unintended consequence.

The latest story tells of a girl born as a male who has undergone hormonal treatment, and is now competing in female sports.

Runners World reported:

“Assigned male at birth, Eastwood, now a 22-year-old senior, says she has identified as female since middle school and made the decision to transition during her third year competing on the men’s track team at Montana.

It will be her first race for the Grizzlies since following the NCAA’s policy on transgender student-athlete participation, which requires transgender athletes who are transitioning from male to female to be treated with testosterone suppression medication for one year before competing on a women’s team.”

So because this male decided he wanted to be a female – he just had to take testosterone suppression medicine and now has the authority to compete as a female.

Critics of this policy argue that it gives men a stronger advantage over women, and ends up discriminating against women in the process.

And the truth is, it’s not about girls being “inferior” to boys or less than. 

It’s not about “discriminating” against boys or girls either. 

Biologically speaking, the bodies of girls and boys are different – and so allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports typically provides a disadvantage for girls.

In fact, some claim males are deliberately choosing to compete as females in sports, just to guarantee a win.

And while this theory might sound a bit far-fetched – it’s actually working.

One girl spent a lifetime training to win in a track championship – hoping to get a scholarship to college. 

But she ended up placing 3rd place, with two “transgender” males scoring ahead of her – ruining her chance of a scholarship as 3rd place is knocked out of the competition. 

This girl’s future was jeopardized all because two males wanted to compete as females.

And one thing is clear — LGBT activists won’t stop until all 50 states adopt a policy allowing “transgender” athletes to compete in whatever sports they want – on whatever team they want – regardless of their true gender. 

And if Congress has their way – males will officially be allowed to compete in female sports.

The House already passed the Equality Act this past May which would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include “sexual orientation and gender identity”.

There aren’t enough votes to get it through the Senate just yet – but anything could happen during future Election seasons.

But LGBT activists aren’t waiting on Congress to act – they are already pushing their agenda onto schools allowing “transgender” athletes to compete.

During this school year, we can expect to see more women frustrated at the fact all their hard work and training was crushed by a man seeking to “identify” as a woman and therefore compete in female sports.

The very policy liberals claim will make things more “equal” is actually hurting girls in the process. 

What are your thoughts on “transgender” men being allowed to compete as females?

Do you agree creates an unleveling of the playing field if men compete as women?

Tell us your thoughts and write out your message in the comments below! 

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