Here Are 4 Tips To Help Your Child With Special Needs Thrive During Christmas

3. Keep Some Routine:

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  • The Christmas season throws everyone off their typical routine, but you must keep some consistent rhythm for your child.
  • With schools closed for break, and the normal day to day activities disrupted if your child has special needs they will most definitely feel the change.
  • While you can’t help some obvious changes such as school closures, you can keep some standard routine such as keeping mealtimes the same and serving their favorite foods.
  • The key is to keep things as familiar as possible.
  • If your child typically wakes up at 7 am and eats pancakes every morning, then make sure that stays the same.
  • If they watch their favorite movie at 3 pm every day, then make sure it’s ready.
  • By minimizing disruptions to their schedule, you can help ease in the transition.