Sexual Predator At Target CAUGHT IN THE ACT Confronted By Angry Dad

The All-American Hero

And now this dad is being praised on social media, for putting the sexual predator in his place, and protecting his daughter.

This dad didn’t cower back in fear. He didn’t turn a blind eye.

He boldly stepped in, ready to defend his daughter, whatever the cost.

Let’s hope every man (and woman) would have the same courage to confront a creep like this man!

Target should take note – if stories like these keep happening, they are going to continue to lose business.

And from the looks of it, Target can’t afford any further financial hits.

Do you think the dad made right the call to kick the phone out of the sexual predator’s hands before he snapped the photo?

What would you do if you saw a man taking pictures up girls’ skirts?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Watch the epic video of this dad confront the sexual predator below!