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Mother Demands Answers After Her Autistic Son Is Found Miles From School

An Arizona mother is left with more questions than answers, after finding out her son was missing from school. Worse yet, the school seemed unaware of the problem until the mother arrived to pick him up. And once you hear the school’s response, you’ll be outraged. Not knowing where your […]

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Parents Now Advised To Take Their Children To “Pro-LGBT” Doctors

  In a desperate attempt to further indoctrinate children – the latest parental advice tells parents to find a “LGBT friendly” doctor for their child. LGBT activists hope that by finding a doctor who supports policies like transgenderism in children, it will make it that much easier for their agenda […]

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Teach Your Child These Core Values Before Their Teenage Years

  Every mom wants their precious child to grow up into an emotionally healthy and stable adult. But with society and culture actively working against the family unit, now more than ever it’s crucial to instill core values into children while they are still young. By teaching your child these […]

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Landmark Research on Siblings May Help Identify Mental Health Risk Factors

Scientists have studied the concept of “nature versus nurture” for decades. While each family is unique, it appears that both home environment and genetic factors are vital in predicting our overall health as adults. But recent studies have provided even more information on just how crucial it is for a […]

Horrifying! Day Care Owner Neglects Toddlers And Traps Them Behind A Fake Wall

Horrifying! Day Care Owner Neglects Toddlers And Traps Them Behind A Fake Wall

  Parents who send their children to daycare trust the childcare workers to look after their precious children. It’s every mother’s worst nightmare to imagine the thought that their children could be abused or neglected by the people who are supposed to care for them. But for one group of […]