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Here’s Another Frightening Reason Parents Should Look for Alternatives to Antibiotics

  Antibiotics have been hailed as one of the greatest medical achievements in history. While they are certainly valuable in treating infection, they have sadly been overprescribed or dubbed “miracle drugs,” leading parents to think there is no downside to giving their child these medications. But now, yet another drawback […]

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Natural Methods To Get Your Little Ones To Poo – Because Out Is Better Than In

    Parents are no stranger to childhood constipation; experimenting with the various concoctions that will give our troubled babes some relief. While there are some pharmaceutical remedies available through your pediatrician, sometimes nature is our best medicine. We have some natural remedies for helping your children be more regular […]

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Boosting Your Baby’s Healthy Bacteria Can Have Lifelong Benefits

  All parents know that giving their child a good start with a healthy lifestyle means introducing healthy habits, and modeling them ourselves, from an early age. Our bodies contain millions upon millions of microbes that control all the functions of our mind and body, and a great deal of […]

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Rockstar Dad Creates The Most Incredible Gift For Sick Children

  Having a sick child in the hospital is every mother’s worst nightmare. Often, parents feel helpless as they watch their precious child go through unthinkable pain while doctors work around the clock hoping to get them well. And when one dad visited his friend’s sick child at the hospital […]

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Will Isolation Harm Your Child’s Immune System? Some Experts Say “Yes”

Home – it’s a word that is synonymous with comfort, family, safety, and love. We’ve all been home more this year, whether by choice or government overreach, but sometimes being home all the time can be isolating. Some experts are now warning that, despite media-driven panic and the mandates and […]

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You May Be Surprised At the Hidden Dangers in Your Child’s Diet

  Of all the health crises facing Americans these days, one of the most critical to address is one that is most preventable – obesity. The typical American diet is full of unhealthy processed foods that have led us to become the most obese nation in the world – and […]

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Studies Are Connecting a Chronic Childhood Illness With Some Surprising Factors

  It is never easy to hear that your child has a chronic illness, even if there are treatments that provide good quality of life. As medical technology advances, so too does our understanding about how we can prevent and treat different conditions in order to lay the foundation for […]