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Biden Puts Americans Last After Ignoring Palestine, Ohio

  A tragedy has struck this nation, and like many tragedies before, Biden and his administration have spared no sympathy. Small towns have small problems as far as the media is concerned, but small towns are a big part of what this nation represents. This devastating event has left many […]

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Trump Declares War On The Radical Left’s Gender Theory

  The Biden administration has failed this nation’s children in the most horrific ways. By promoting the unborn to be murdered and facilitating the gruesome act of gender reassignment surgery for minors, the left has shown they will not stop their attacks on families. When Donald Trump occupied the Oval […]

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Virtual Nightmare: Teacher Kicks 10-Year Old Student Out Of School Chat For Liking Trump

  As students and parents alike struggle to adjust to the “new normal” of virtual learning – many families are seeing firsthand just how far leftist bias runs in teachers. In one case, a leftist Seattle teacher took out his visceral hatred of Trump on a 10-year old child – […]

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DNC Speaker Tries To Blame Trump For Viruses Spreading In Ridiculous Tweet

  The Democratic National Convention brought the left’s entire anti-Trump platform to light. There were no real benefits presented for the average working-class American, but there was a lot of blaming the current administration for things way outside of their control. One woman, with no apparent background in politics, delivers […]