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Stay Away- This Drink Will Destroy You!

  There are things that are obvious we shouldn’t drink – such as rubbing alcohol, swamp water, and motor oil. Some drinks, like fruit juices and ones containing artificial ingredients are known to be consumed in moderation. But what about the beverages that are advertised to benefit you? Turns out […]

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You May Be Surprised At the Hidden Dangers in Your Child’s Diet

  Of all the health crises facing Americans these days, one of the most critical to address is one that is most preventable – obesity. The typical American diet is full of unhealthy processed foods that have led us to become the most obese nation in the world – and […]

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6 Foods That Are The Enemy Of A Flat Tummy

  Looking in the mirror in the morning and then again in the evening can feel like a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Our stomachs are much slimmer without the daily offenders we put in our diet. So if you want to keep that tummy from fighting our button then stay […]