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Dems Pushed For Higher Minimum Wage And Now Robots Have The Jobs

  The liberal answer to everything is to throw money at it and trust individuals and corporations that continually mismanage their businesses will miraculously change for the better this time. You may be surprised to know that this system has continued to fail for as long as society has been […]

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5 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For Less Gifts Because Biden Messed Up Our Economy

  The holiday season gives us so much to look forward to, it brings lots of cheer, family, food… and debt. Families are trying to position the gifts to look like there’s more there while simultaneously keeping the kids from being disappointed. The great news is kids are incredibly more understanding […]

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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Says Stop Buying So Much Stuff And Prepare For The Worst

  It is no secret the financial state of the US is in turmoil thanks to Biden and his administration. The direct impact on the consumer is obvious every time we go to the grocery store and see that a loaf of bread has gone up in price. As concerned […]