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Don’t Get Behind A Desk Yet! Homeschooling Outside Is Much More Fun

  Batten down the hatches, lock the doors, and shut the blinds because school is starting, and you don’t need the distractions.  While the traditional approach to education is having selected information effectively programmed into our children, there is a better way. Taking education to the great outdoors will help […]

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How A Screen “Detox” Can Benefit Your Entire Family

  If you’re like many moms, you know too much screen time is never a good thing. Besides the fact so many shows today are blatantly anti-family, research now reveals the brains of children can decline from spending too much time on their devices or in front of a TV. […]

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5 Spring Activities To Make The Most Of The Great Outdoors

  Springtime is finally here, and although our nation is welcoming the lively season under dire circumstances, it is nevertheless a time to appreciate the joys of getting outside. Sure, you can peddle around or watch the clouds, but there is so much more we can do with our children […]

Avoid The Biggest Nuisance Of Summer With These Simple Tips

Avoid The Biggest Nuisance Of Summer With These Simple Tips

Summer is the season we are most likely to participate in activities outdoors. Picnics, campouts, hiking – they’re all wonderful ways to spend time, but these activities also present the perfect environment for animal and insect bites. Parents are right to be concerned when their child gets a bite or […]