Top 5 Reasons You Should Enjoy Carbohydrates While Pregnant

  1. You Need The Fiber

All pregnant women know the woes of symptoms; especially when experiencing constipation. This unpleasant symptom can be thwarted by keeping fiber-rich whole-grains in your daily menu.

The Apta club reported:

Fruit and vegetables, wholegrain foods, and potatoes, particularly when eaten with their skin on, are all sources of fiber. Also a carbohydrate, fiber helps to keep your digestive system healthy and regular. This is especially important during pregnancy, when constipation can be a problem.”

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You may be wondering how much fiber is necessary in order to avoid falling into unwanted symptoms. The American Pregnancy Association advises:

Ideally, you will consume 25 to 30 grams per day of dietary fiber from fruits, vegetables, breakfast cereals, whole grain breads, prunes and bran.”