3 Reasons Why Moms Are Simply Incredible

Let’s face it – moms are some of the most incredible women alive, and husbands often stand amazed at how their wife can wear so many hats at once, and do it so well.

Moms are the epitome of grace and poise, strength and fearlessness, healer and helper.

In fact, there isn’t a job on the planet more difficult than being a mom.  And if you are a mom yourself, it’s critical you never forget this simple truth.

  • You’re amazing.
  • But really, you are.
  • Moms, your job is hard.
  • You do it all.

From soothing a broken heart to a skinned knee, taking care of children and a household, while managing to shop for groceries AND have dinner on the table.

Even on your “worst day”, you do more than some people on their best.

If you ever forget for a moment just how awesome you are, we hope these three things will remind you of your intrinsic value on the world:

  1. Your Love Has Power: There is nothing more powerful than the inherent love of a mother’s love for her children.

It’s deep and unwavering, and a child can feel the love of a mother to their core.

Focus On The Family recently discussed a book titled “The Power of Mother Love” which eloquently nails it with how important love really is:

“While most mothers know that their love and emotional availability are vital to their children’s well-being, many of us do not understand the profound and long-lasting impact we have in developing our young children’s brains, teaching them first lessons of love, shaping their consciences …

At a time when society urges women to seek their worth and personal fulfillment in things that take them away from their families and intimate bonds, Hunter invites women to come home — to their children, their best selves, their heart.”

So moms, even if all you did today was love your child, you did a great thing!

Your love transforms.

  1. There Isn’t A Hat You Don’t Wear: Moms, wow, you wear many hats!

Is there anything you don’t do?

You cheer up your child when they are having a bad day. You maintain and manage a household. You nurse your child (and husband) back to health.

You balance the budget, advocate for your child’s education, or homeschool them yourself.

From creating healthy meals, to making sure your family has everything they need, you literally multi-task all at the same time, and keep the balls in the air.

And on top of it all, many of you still manage to have a side-job, (or a fulltime one), work out, and to the bewilderment of all, make it look flawless.

To put it simply – you are the glue that holds the family together.

  1. You Inspire: Finally, you inspire your child to be a better person.

Whether you realize it or not, your family looks up to you.

You always seem to know what to say at the right time, and your words of wisdom carry much weight.

The old saying “But what would your mother think?” is not just in jest. Truly, children grow to learn to trust the advice of mom.

And if you have a daughter, she especially grows to appreciate in amazement all the little things you do, from baking cookies, to making the bed just right.

And to your children, each time you spend quality time with them, whether goofing around in a homemade fort, or reading them a story, you are building lasting memories.

Moms, you are the backbone of your family. Your sacrificial love sends ripples throughout the world, as you raise healthy children and strong families.

You make the world a better place.

So take the time today and relax and celebrate the beauty of womanhood, and know the role you play is truly impacting lives for eternity.

And don’t forget to call your moms and thank them for making you the woman you are today.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Mommy Underground!

What are your plans this Mother’s Day?

What do you think is the most amazing part about moms?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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