4 Reasons Fall Is The Best

Photo on JumpStory


All transitions are difficult, and nothing is tougher on families than saying goodbye to days at the beach and hello to the rigorous schedule of school life.

However, fall does not have to be the end to all things fun.

Not only does fall have a lot to offer, but we can tell you why it should be your new favorite season of the year.


  1. The weather you have been waiting for

No longer are you going to be drenched by lunchtime after pushing your toddler on his new scooter for the millionth time as you melt in the summer sun.

The cool breezy afternoons and crisp evenings make for the perfect day of outdoor activities, without the fear of sweat stains when you wave to your neighbor.

During the hotter months you try to wear as little clothes as modestly possible so you can breathe during the scorching trip from your car to the grocery store entrance.

When the autumn air makes sure you are at just the right temperature, finding cute and comfortable outfits, utilizing your favorite layers, are easier than ever.


  1. The foliage is breathtaking

Normally one would think of spring as the season to catch glimpses of outdoor plants and tress, but a new season is on the scene, taking Instagram by storm.

Fall colors are notoriously a coveted palette, with changing leaf colors offering a burst of gold, red, and orange on mountainsides in much of the United States.

Make sure to get your camera out and capture those picture-perfect moments of the kids throwing leaves into the air or jumping into a pile of leaves dad just took four hours to rake.


  1. The food is delicious

Fall produce is some of the most warm and savoring flavors you can find.

Apple picking at the orchard, decorating with gourds, and cooking with the versatile squash are landmark fall favorites.

Don’t forget about the year long wait for pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, and cinnamon sprinkled on everything!


  1. The feast is almost here

Thanksgiving is a beloved family event for many families, and for good reason.

Forget about the busy schedule and chunky sweaters taking up the laundry, you have a night to look forward to where you can sit and eat with those you love most.

The smell of pumpkin pie cooking in the oven brings back nostalgic memories for all of us, and that’s just one more reason to think fall is the best.

No matter if you are a sucker for the dog days of summer or love the snuggling by the fire in winter, you can’t deny the allure of fall and all its unique and unforgettable characteristics.