5 Father’s Day Crafts The Kids Can Do With Pride

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


It seems that dads have a short list when it comes to Father’s day gifts – a tie, cologne, or golf tees.

Dads are a special addition to the family bringing a dynamic that contributes to so many precious moments.

This coming Father’s Day, have the kids create dad, and any other special male role-model in the family, a craft as unique and special as he is.

And we don’t mean you have to take out all the bells and whistles like the bedazzler and rivet machine, but a few simple craft essentials will do the trick.


1. Building memory jar

Evenings with dad can feel rushed between dinner and sports practice, and the bonding moments can get lost in the chaos.

Make building memories fun with a jar full of stackable blocks that have activities to do with dad written on them.

Create a routine of pulling one out every evening to do together. You will likely find that it is the most anticipated time of the day.


2. Personalized mug

No Father’s Day craft list would be complete without a personalized mug.

To have one no other dad possesses, use your children’s thumbprints as the bodies of little characters above the title “Daddy and Me”, suggests Crafts by Amanda.

You could also transfer some of the kid’s best artwork, or have them put their handprint on a large to-go mug.

Daddy will think of their loving clan every time he takes a sip of coffee- and for most dads that is a lot!


3. Father’s Day journal

Capturing memories on more than our cell phones can make the moment that much more personal.

Creating a Father’s Day journal can do exactly that.

Have the kids decorate the cover and then add their handprint and a personal message inside, such as what they admire most about him or what their favorite memory together is.


4. Hand-crafted key fob

Keychains are something dads can always use, especially since it seems they have 20 more keys than any one person needs.

You can make fun leather fobs using scrap leather, or an old purse strap or belt.

Crafts Unleashed has a great tutorial for making personalized leather fobs that dad won’t believe the kids made themselves.


5. Father’s Day piñata

This gift is not only fun to receive, but fun to make!

No need to whip out the paper mache, because you can create this mini piñata with cardstock, hot glue, and crepe paper streamers.

Cut out the mini tie template from Crafts Unleashed and then secure it with hot glue.

Have the kids cut strips of the crepe paper streamers to glue on the outside to give it an authentic piñata look.

Stuff the masterpiece with dad’s favorite candy and a personalized note about how much you love him, then get the video camera out while you all laugh at dad trying to bust the piñata open with a stick!

Father’s Day is a fun and loving time where you get the opportunity to let dad know you appreciate his contribution to your life.

Explain the importance of that to your kids and let the good times roll.

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