50 Shades Of Sexual Assault: Latest Hollywood Movie Glamorizes Abuse As Hollywood Cheers

It hasn’t been a good year for the Hollywood elite, as the media exposed an underground world laced with sexual assault and harassment of young actresses.

Tearful press conferences were held where women came forward and said “me too” in response to the career-long sexual assault they’ve endured.

Given the public outrage over the sexual assault scandals, one would think, if Hollywood were to release a movie highlighting a woman being sexually abused and taken advantage of, the public outcry and boycott would be enough to stop its release.

But, just the opposite has happened.

Fifty Shades Freed, the final movie in the Fifty Shades trilogy has just hit theaters, and women are trampling over each other to see it.

This movie glorifies sexual assault, teaching men women actually “liked to be abused” and they’ll learn to just “take it” if the men push hard enough.

Full of twisted dark fantasies, this movie shows a twisted sadistic narcissist take the virginity of a young, naive submissive woman, and has her sign a contract where he performed painful sexual acts.

This movie is the classic tale of abuse – the codependent and the narcissist, but the implications of young women watching this movie are literally life and death.

Fight The New Drug reported:

“No matter which way you spin it, “Fifty Shades” does not portray an inspirational, healthy relationship. 

Instead, let’s break down what it does portray: a wealthy, attractive man with a tortured past who controls a young woman by stalking her, limiting her social interaction, intimidating her to try risky and painful sex acts, and threatening her if she doesn’t comply. Not to mention that it romanticizes his need to channel the anger and violence from his past onto women that look like his abusive deceased mother.

This, coupled with the “steamy romance” and popularity of the series sells the idea to men that eventually, female partners will like this violent behavior, and even see it as romantic.

To women, it says if they stick around long enough with a controlling and abusive partner, he will grow to love her, and eventually change his aggressive and abusive ways.

When you look at the big picture of this story, it’s a #MeToo experience dressed up as “fairytale” love tale. An analysis published in the Journal of Women’s Health actually concluded that the relationship between protagonists Christian and Anastasia (“Ana” for short) was actually characterized by intimate partner violence with “emotional abuse present in nearly every interaction.” Not cool.”

But where is the Hollywood backlash? Why aren’t celebrities encouraging women to boycott this film?

Where are all the feminists and “pro-woman” ladies? I mean, this film clearly is everything they hate

But instead, there are crickets. You won’t find Hollywood boycotting this movie, you’ll find them watching it, and calling it “empowering” for women – just like they do with abortion.

The hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty is suffocating.

Fight The New Drug continued:

“The release date of “Fifty Shades Freed” would be disappointing regardless, but to have it promoted specifically now is just horrible timing. Since the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, lately Larry Nassar, and a whole list of powerful men accused of harassment or sexual misconduct, a chorus of female voices have risen to share their stories.

So much so that it seems like every woman (and some men) has a #MeToo moment, but it seems as if they’re at least momentarily overshadowed by a box office success that capitalizes on the very experiences and behaviors shared as traumatic, abusive, and life-altering.

“While Hollywood elites decry the (obviously deplorable) objectification, abuse and harassment of women in their industry, they make money hand over fist by creating films that glorify the objectification and abuse of women,” writes Michele Blood. “Actors wearing black to awards ceremonies…won’t absolve them of responsibility. The level of hypocrisy here remains undeniably in-your-face.”

Finally, we have a breakthrough of people paying attention to survivor’s stories, but to then watch “Fifty Shades” glamorize the same mistreatment is a huge step backward.”

Yet again, Hollywood reveals its true colors. They hid the Weinstein scandal for decades until it became so massive they couldn’t sweep it under the rug anymore.

And then, after denouncing Weinstein’s actions, claiming women need to be treated with respect, they promote a film which exploits a young woman and showcases her as a sexual prop used to satisfy the perverse needs of a wealthy narcissist, who admits he’s a “sadist” who really hates his mother.

Even more sickening, they choose to promote this film for Valentine’s Day, hoping to lure young couples to shell out cash to buy into the notion that Fifty Shades Freed is really about “love.”

Moms, we’ve got to take a stand and say enough is enough.

How would you feel if the character Ana was your young daughter or niece? Would you want some wealthy sadist taking advantage of her?

Of course not.

Please stand up for decency, and boycott Fifty Shades Freed.

Do you plan to see Fifty Shades Freed? Why or why not?

Why do you think Hollywood embraces such a movie, that stands for everything they claim to be against?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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