A Case That Could Preserve Christian Religious Liberty Heads To the Supreme Court

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One of the most important issues facing conservatives today is our right to practice our faith free from persecution.

The progressive Left, however, has our Christian faith in their crosshairs because it does not fit their anti-life, alternative lifestyle agenda for their creation of a new America.

But there is hope on the horizon as initial reactions come in regarding a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that could set a crucial precedent for religious liberty.

The Supreme Court – now with a solid conservative majority with the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett — recently heard arguments in a case that has traveled through the lower courts since 2018.

It was the first case of its kind to come before Justice Barrett, and the ruling of the court will be crucial in determining the fate of Americans to freely practicing their faith.

Catholic Social Services (CSS) is a foster care provider based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that had been serving the city’s children for years.

But in 2018, the City of Philadelphia learned that the center was refusing to certify adoptions of foster children by homosexual couples – a decision based on the teachings of their faith.

In 2019, the city stopped referring children to Catholic Social Services, citing discrimination based on sexual orientation by the center, and CSS fought back with their own case citing discrimination based on religion.

Throughout the past two years, CSS has been met with one defeat after another in the lower courts, whereby it was ruled that a law can affect a religious-based organization as long as it is “neutral and generally applied” to the rest of the population.  These courts relied on a 1990 precedent that put this law on the books.

But Catholic Social Services correctly argues that because their business is strictly based on the teachings of their faith, the City of Philadelphia is committing religious discrimination by shutting them down because of those beliefs.

Following initial oral arguments, it appears the Supreme Court agrees with CSS’ claim.

In fact, conservative Justices allege that the city is clearly looking to push the progressive agenda by making an example out of CSS.

Justice Samuel Alito, an appointee of former President George W. Bush, spoke of his belief that the City of Philadelphia did not bring the case forward to protect “the rights of same-sex couples,” but because they abhor anyone standing up for traditional values in America today.

Attorneys for the City of Philadelphia and affiliated non-profits argued that a ruling in favor of CSS would have cascading effects far greater than just foster care.

And that’s exactly what the city is afraid of – being held accountable for persecuting Christian-based business and conservative Americans so as not to defy the agenda of the left-wing organizations that line the pockets of city officials.

For her part, Justice Barrett likened the religious discrimination to a hypothetical parallel in which a state could take over hospitals and force medical staff to perform abortions – an issue of a state pushing an agenda, no matter the cost to individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Two of CSS’ foster parents, Sharonell Fulton (hence the case name of Fulton v. City of Philadelphia), and Toni Simms-Busch, provided statements with their attorneys on behalf of CSS over concerns for the fate of children in the foster care system.

While lower courts – often presided over by left-wing judges — have continued to persecute Catholic Social Services over the last two years, there may be a ray of hope for traditional values and religious liberty for Christians now that the case is before the highest court in the land…

… A court that is now overwhelmingly conservative.

The case will continue to be heard by the High Court into the new year, and a ruling is expected in the early part of 2021.

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