A Change Of Heart Can Save A Child’s Life

The left has worked for years to spread propaganda that negates the right to life for unborn children.

They neglect to acknowledge the life-long trauma that a woman experiences after aborting her child – or even that an unborn baby is a child at all.

Now there is hope for women who have had a change of heart, and lives are being saved.

Of the hundreds of thousands of abortions in the U.S. annually, about one-quarter of them are performed chemically with the abortion pill RU-486.

This does not count the thousands of other unborn lives that are ended immediately after conception with over-the-counter “morning after” pills like Plan B and ella.

Over-the-counter versions must be taken within a few days of unprotected sex to prevent implantation, but the “abortion pill” must be prescribed by a physician to chemically end a pregnancy at home.

For women who have had an abortion, a huge percentage of them will later say they regret the decision.  They experience trauma, depression, and low-self esteem that can last a lifetime.

In the case of a surgical abortion, it is nearly impossible to save the child once a procedure has started, and many women don’t understand the magnitude of what they’ve done until it is too late.

With the abortion pill, however, the process takes a couple of days – precious time for a woman to really consider what she is doing and to think of other possible options.

The first pill, RU-486, is given to pregnant women in the first 10 weeks to cut off nutrients from the baby by blocking the pregnancy hormone progesterone.

The second, misoprostol, is given a few days later to force a woman’s body to expel the unborn child and tissue like the placenta.

Despite what the left tries to tell women, abortion is not the only option for women who feel they cannot raise their child.

And time and again, women have raced to their doctor’s office when the reality of their decision to take the abortion pill sinks in.  They realize they have made a huge mistake after really thinking about the life they are carrying, and try to have the process reversed.

This is where a group of pro-life physicians comes in.

The first abortion pill-reversal advocacy group, Abortion Pill Rescue, was started over a decade ago by Doctors George Delgado and Matt Harrison.

They discovered that by prescribing a form of progesterone called Prometrium within 72 hours of a woman taking the abortion pill that there was hope to save the life of the unborn child for a woman who was experiencing a change of heart.

Eleven years later, over five hundred children have been saved through the protocol. In several cases, it has even saved the child after the second abortion pill was taken.

In addition to that five hundred, around a hundred more women are expected to deliver healthy babies in the coming months.

The fatality rate of the abortion pill cocktail is over 97 percent with no intervention.

But the abortion pill reversal protocol has saved approximately 68 percent of unborn children whose mothers have sought help.  The reversal not only saves unborn children, but the women who have decided at the last minute to choose life.

Recently, a pro-life doctor in Tennessee posted photos minutes after the birth of a healthy baby he delivered – a baby who was born full-term after her mother had taken RU-486 and then turned to doctors to save her child.

Dr. Brent Boles posted on Facebook, “Recently I did this delivery, and am sharing the picture with the patient’s permission,” he wrote. “You see, when a woman takes the abortion pill, she often immediately regrets it. This patient did exactly that,” as reported by Live Action.

“… I am on the panel of prolife providers who are willing to try to reverse the poison they were given,” he wrote. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but as you can see – it is worth the effort.”

In addition to their radical fight for a woman’s “right” to abort her child, the left has made claims that abortion pill reversal can cause birth defects or harm the mother.

But in the over five hundred success stories so far, no mother or child has suffered adverse effects.

Another physician, Dr. William Lile, serves as an advisor to pregnancy centers and took part in an abortion pill reversal with an amazing outcome.  The woman was carrying twins, and both survived and are healthy and happy children.

He says that, “Saving lives is the primary goal of all called into the medical field,” according to Life News and likens the need for the abortion pill reversal to that of Narcan for saving the lives of people who have overdosed on narcotics.

Online ads for Plan B, the over-the-counter abortion pill, make the ridiculous claim that all women should have a supply in their medicine cabinets – as if ending a pregnancy is no different than treating a headache with aspirin.

Alternatively, pro-life physicians believe that the abortion reversal pill should be readily available, even co-prescribed, to any woman who seeks to end her pregnancy with a prescription for RU-486.

Barriers exist because of divided beliefs by physicians in regard to abortion, but one thing is clear:  the abortion pill reversal and the pro-life doctors who developed it save lives.

What do you think of the miraculous statistics of the life-saving abortion pill reversal protocol?  Leave us your thoughts.




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