A Dangerous Idea Becomes Reality, And It Will Shock You To The Core

Advancements in technology seem to occur almost daily.  Living in the digital age can have great benefits – but can also be a detriment to our quality of life, and that of our children.

Technology has unfortunately allowed for new types of criminal behavior all across the world.  Perhaps the greatest of these threats to families is the ability of sexual predators to target our children online.

Pedophilia and child pornography are of huge concern in the U.S. and abroad, and each new technological breakthrough allows for more predation on our children.  Now, companies in Asia and elsewhere believe they have developed a product to decrease this problem, but the way they propose to do it is sickening.

LifeSite News reported on how one Congressman is fighting back with legislation to keep this appalling product out of the U.S.:

One member of Congress is shining a bright light on the issue of the manufacture and sale of child sex robots, seeking to prohibit their import into the United States.

While some assert that the increasingly lifelike sex dolls will serve as a deterrent to criminal sexual acts against children by pedophiles, many experts believe the nascent, burgeoning industry will encourage sexual predation, leading to an increase, not a decrease, in the sexual exploitation of children.  

Some of these dolls resemble children as young as three years old, and can be customized to feature lifelike facial expressions, including sadness and fear.  

 “It’s a uniquely vile person who preys on children to fulfill horrific pedophilic urges,” said Rep. Donovan.  “During my 20 years as a prosecutor, I put away animals who played out their disgusting fantasies on innocent children. What I saw and heard was enough to make anybody sick. Now, as a legislator in Congress, I’m introducing a bill to ban the newest outlet for pedophiles: child sex dolls. They don’t belong in our communities.”

The Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots (CREEPER) Act, has been introduced in Congress by Representative Dan Donovan (R-NY) and has picked up several cosponsors on both sides of the aisle.

These “robots” seem like an idea from a futuristic horror movie, but with the work being done in Artificial Intelligence in countries like China and Japan, they are now a sick reality.  Referred to as “child sexbots (CSBs),” they are labeled as mannequins or models for retail to avoid being flagged by the U.S. Postal Service and other authorities.

The twisted logic of these manufacturers is that if a pedophile owns one of these lifelike “dolls,” he will be less likely to prey on a child.  But law enforcement agencies and therapists strongly disagree.

LifeSite News continued:

Law enforcement agents note a correlation between the purchases of child sex dolls by individuals who have history of offenses against children.  “[O]f the 128 dolls seized in the UK, 85% percent of the men who imported them were also found in possession of child pornography,” notes a press release from the congressman Donovan’s office. “Additionally, psychologists and researchers believe that these dolls reinforce, normalize, and encourage pedophilic behavior, potentially putting more children at risk to harm.”

“In fact, emerging psychology on the topic says these obscene dolls encourage abuse of real children,” said Rep. Donovan in an op-ed in The Hill. “Peter Fagan from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine recently told The Atlantic that child sex dolls likely have a ‘reinforcing effect’ on pedophiles, and “in many instances cause [the urge] to be acted upon with greater urgency.”

Manufacturers argue that there is a future for their product, saying that CSBs will allow pedophiles to act on their urges without victimizing real children.

But experts in child protection, sexual therapists, and those who work in robotics say these products should never have become available.  Their availability will only serve to reinforce a sexual attraction towards children for these monsters, and the fact that they are not yet illegal is outrageous.

LifeSite News continued:

 “Child sexual abuse is a heinous crime, one that no child should ever have to suffer,” said Michael Polenberg, VP of Government Affairs of Safe Horizon, a leading victim assistance organization.  “How, then, to reconcile civil society’s abhorrence of child abuse with the production and import of life-sized, life-like dolls of children to be used for sexual purposes? This is deeply concerning on many levels.”

“There is currently a dramatic rise in the development of talking sex robots powered by Artificial Intelligence,” explained Noel Sharkey, Co-director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics.  “The possibility of making anatomically detailed moving robot replicas of specific children for sexual gratification is now here and is surely a step too far. Such devices will, at the very least, have a pernicious impact on our society and create a threat to the sexual safety of our children.”

In fact, studies have shown that the sale of adult sex robots abroad has done nothing to curb sexual deviancy or the demand for prostitutes.  And experts agree that CSBs would not address the underlying mental illness of pedophiles, and would only increase the victimization of children by provoking the deviant sexual urges of these child predators.

Representative Donovan and bipartisan supporters of the CREEPER Act agree — there is no place in the U.S. for this disturbing and dangerous product.

What do you think of the outrageous claims made by the manufacturers of this disgusting product?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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