A Dark Secret Exposed By One In The Left’s Inner Circle

Every day, we see another shocking new cause supported by the left that takes us further away from being a moral and civilized society.

The traditional values that make up the foundation of our nation are crumbling, and the left keeps pushing the boundaries to impose their views on the world.

Now, one radical leftist – who happens to support most of the abhorrent progressive ideology being spread – is finding herself a target for standing against one radical issue that even she cannot believe is being encouraged.

Natasha Chart is a self-proclaimed radical feminist, but she has uncovered an outrageous plot and is bringing it to conservative news outlets because her stance has been shunned by her colleagues, friends, and employers.

The Christian Post reported:

She opted to speak with The Christian Post, she said, “because I have been hoping that someone could be bothered to care that there is a significant and influential portion of the left-aligned and mainstream human rights activist community that both believes that ‘youth sex work’ should be made legal, and that they have the clout to get people fired from political and media jobs for making concerns about that public.”

“The progressive press won’t touch it, the regular press doesn’t seem to follow these issues, and self-publishing a story like this would likely have been pointless,” Chart said.

Yes, Chart states that many radical leftists – including so-called “esteemed” international organizations – are supportive of the sex trade, including the involvement of minors.

She realizes that while conservative outlets do not sympathize with her political viewpoints, her hope is that someone will listen to what is going on – in her words, “the institutional rot of a political edifice that was so easily taken over by a sex industry advocacy that’s alien to its founding principles.”

As Chart learned about the support for sex trafficking by organizations she was involved in through her work, she became sickened by what she was seeing.

The basis of the argument of these radical organizations is that by imposing restrictions on prostitution, including by minors, it would somehow harm those who depend on sex work to make a living.

Chart tells The Christian Post:

“My friends and colleagues over several years know this happened. Hundreds of… journalists and academics in the United States know this happened. They didn’t all agree, but none of them said one public word in my defense.”

“If they could be intimidated into overlooking this, what’s next?” As the days went by, it would become ever clearer that the promotion of the sex trade was a cause being backed by prominent people, and she could stay quiet no longer.

Chart assumed that her colleagues didn’t really understand what was going on, but as she pressed for answers, she was shocked at the outcome.

She was shunned and even severely reprimanded by her employer — being told to cease her research and criticism immediately.

One of the major plots she uncovered was the involvement of Amnesty International.  In 2015, they encouraged legalizing the sex trade and created a memo using “human and labor rights language” outlining that sex workers must have the same rights as those in any other profession.

She began to publicly address that the philosophy of Amnesty International was immoral, and further research showed her that they were hardly the only advocates of keeping the sex trade blossoming, including actual language referring to the “youth” involved.

The Christian Post continued:

When the executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, tweeted an article…in praise of Amnesty’s policy decriminalizing prostitution, Chart voiced her disgust on Twitter, and replied with a link to [an] essay on “Youth in sex work and the sex trade.”

Roth tweeted comments… asking, “All want to end poverty, but in meantime why deny poor women the option of voluntary sex work?”

“Nobody could really support this, right?” a flabbergasted Chart recalled thinking at the time. 

Her boss even told her it was “more of a public health approach.” Much of the current international legislation aims to make the purchase of sex illegal in order to focus on “pimps and johns,” but that criminalizing the selling of sex would send many young women into unemployment and poverty, thus “harming minors.”

Many of these international organizations also receive taxpayer and/or government funding, thus enabling youth prostitution to continue unchecked.

This kind of language and twisted ideology has appeared in many documents of international organizations, including the World Health Organization, according to Chart.

While Natasha Chart is certainly a radical progressive herself, aligned with left-wing advocacy groups on many issues, the fact that she is sickened by what’s going on with the international sex trade speaks volumes.

If even a radical leftist is outraged by what she is seeing, what does that say about the international organizations that promote the idea that criminalizing prostitution will harm minors?

With the help of these organizations, these young women – and children – are being given no choice but to stay in the sex trade industry.  The left – and their money – will continue to advocate it unless others like Chart come forward.

What do you think of the absurd assertion that prostitution must be legalized and advocated for in order to “protect” the women and children involved?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.




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