A Favorite TV Channel Is No Longer Family-Friendly – It’s Not Who You Think

Our children are being indoctrinated in the progressive agenda like never before.

They are subjected to learning immoral material in our public schools and are targeted in children’s programming.

One cable television channel, however, is becoming the driving force behind forcing this agenda on vulnerable children, and they are pushing it further every day.

Nickelodeon has been a staple of children’s programming for decades, and many of us have fond memories of favorite shows that contained nothing more offensive than a little potty humor.

But in the last decade, Nickelodeon has been slowly introducing elements of the liberal agenda to its young viewers.

We see a frightening pattern emerging.

The left-wing LGBT propaganda is rearing its ugly head at a faster pace every year.

And it’s not just toward the 8 to 12 crowd who is the target audience of Nickelodeon.

They’ve slowly been on a mission to indoctrinate even our smallest children as the propaganda has spread to affiliate channel Nick Jr.

In 2015, an episode of the popular preschool show Bubble Guppies featured an apparently transgendered character named “RuPearl” voiced by notorious “drag queen” RuPaul.

The network saw nothing wrong with the episode about “a stylish sea snail and announcer for a ‘dress up race’ held during Fashion Week in the underwater city of Bubbletucky” that was voiced by a transvestite.

It appears they’re trying to be subtle in exposing our preschoolers to their propaganda and are likely thinking up the next storyline that will incorporate their agenda into our little ones’ favorite programs.

In fact, the beloved characters of Thomas the Tank Engine recently moved to Nick Jr. and are getting an overhaul in an attempt to be more inclusive, meaningful and entertaining,” the Thomas & Friends Global Brand Vice President told Variety.

While the changes are supposedly being made to introduce more female characters and those of different ethnic backgrounds, the word “inclusive” – a favorite phrase of the left – has us concerned.

Mommy Underground recently reported on the updated version of the series and what it may mean for the future of the program.

And they have kicked it into high gear in the last few years with blatant references to alternate lifestyles in an attempt to normalize them for future generations.

The cable channel has a history of adding subtle – and not-so-subtle – progressive propaganda into their children’s programming.

From homosexuality to sexual innuendo, the network has become a forum of the left instead of providing wholesome entertainment for families – what was once a core mission.

In 2002, the cable channel ran a news program geared towards young children entitled, “My Family Is Different.”

Hosted by notorious liberal anchor Linda Ellerbee, the program featured homosexual couples talking to children about the need for expanding rights for gay and lesbian parents.

Incidentally, another of Ellerbee’s shows in the Nick News series explored the ideology of communism, something that Ellerbee has stated a “love” for in the past.

Back in 2010, author James Hirsen discussed Nickelodeon’s blatant plan to indoctrinate American children in a Fox News interview.

“…It’s a big deal. Here’s why. Because there’s millions of parents that trust this No. 1 children’s brand. They trust their kids to watch it. And there’s one thing where we should protect childhood innocence, it’s in children’s programming. Yet Nickelodeon, time after time, throws in political indoctrination. They have an agenda. They have proven it — they have proven in very controversial areas…and in the area of homosexual parenting.”

Many Christian and family organizations expressed their opposition to the subject matter in the kids’ news program, stating more than a decade ago that it was not appropriate for the target audience – kids 8 to 12.

In 2014, The Legend of Korra became the first children’s television series in the western world to feature central characters who were homosexual.

The show’s creators even stated that “Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other.”

Then followed The Loud House in 2016, in which the first bi-racial homosexual couple was featured.  The creators said it received an “overwhelmingly positive response.”

Not so from conservative parents and organizations like One Million Moms, who steadfastly opposed the episode.

Perhaps the best example of chronic indoctrination is the show Spongebob Squarepants. The content of the long-running program has run the gambit from sexual innuendo to references to pornography and homosexuality.

In 2016, blogger Matt Norcross wrote a piece for The American Spectator entitled Nickelodeon:  Where Childhood Goes To Die, in which he talked about the network’s move to be a political voice for the left, for example, how the popular Kids Pick the President program has been skewed so the results always support left-wing candidates like Barack Obama.

He wrote, “Nickelodeon has pretty much abandoned being a wholesome place that parents can trust their children to watch.  Nickelodeon does not care about American children, they only care about indoctrinating young audiences, both socially and politically.”

Like Disney, Nickelodeon is on the warpath to eradicate traditional values and Christianity from American homes.

They are introducing concepts like homosexuality in their programming like there is nothing wrong with it.

They expect us to accept it, agree with it, and make it the new normal.

It is up to parents to fight back.  We must remain ever vigilant in what our children are watching on television.  Even a program geared towards kids as young as two is no longer safe.

What do you think of Nickelodeon’s normalization of the LGBT agenda and the fact that their propaganda seems to be moving towards Nick Jr.’s preschool programming?  Will you boycott Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. in your home?  Leave us your comments.