A Horrific, But Powerful, Story Inspires Thousands

Forty-six years after the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Roe v. Wade case, progressives are still
rabidly fighting for the right to abortion-on-demand.

As laws continue to strip away the rights of the unborn more radically than ever before, we can
find hope in former pro-choicers who are now fighting for life.The background of one of these pro-life warriors is not what you’d expect, and her stories are chilling.

Abby Johnson is one of the most recognized pro-life activists in the nation – but her past had her
on a far different path.

Johnson worked as a Planned Parenthood director for nearly a decade, leaving after she assisted
in her first abortion procedure.

She was even named “Employee of the Year” before she quit.

“When I saw this [ultrasound abortion] take place, I felt really disgusted. Really shocked. And
just honestly, like, really stupid for believing so eagerly…the lie that the abortion industry had
fed me for so many years,” she says, according to LifeSite News .

It was only after her departure that she was really able to take in the evils of the abortion industry
– the lies told to women, and the downright coercion being used to convince women to end their

Johnson recalls that there were “abortion quotas” at her Planned Parenthood center.

And if a woman was uncertain of her options and not entirely convinced that abortion was the
“right” choice for her, well, staff was taught how to convince them.

“I had essentially coerced women into making a decision for abortion that was sacrificing their
children. And I knew that that was incredibly unjust. And I thought here I am working for this
organization that says we’re here to fight for justice for women. But at what cost?” Johnson says.

Staff members were taught how to “overcome” a variety of objections from women who were
uncertain about aborting their child. These were primarily coercive remarks that twisted Christian doctrine, spinning it to suit their anti-life purpose.

Johnson knew that her work at Planned Parenthood could not possibly be helping to “empower
women,” as she thought when she started the job.

No, instead, she realized that abortion does irreparable harm to both mother and child.
Johnson herself had two abortions prior to her conversion, one of which she discusses in her
book, Unplanned , recounting how nearly died by bleeding out on the floor of her bathroom after
taking the second dose of an abortion pill.

Now, Johnson is a Catholic with eight children of her own, and she has made it her life’s mission
to save as many women and children as she can from the horrors of abortion.

Johnson is the founder of the group, “And Then There Were None,” referring to Johnson’s hope
that someday there won’t be a single abortion clinic or provider in existence.

She has helped nearly 500 abortion clinic workers leave their jobs, never to return to the
industry. Many of them now help her fight for life.

Unplanned was recently made into a movie and premiered at the March for Life in January. It is
slated to be released to some theaters on March 29 th .

Of course, pro-lifers are used to backlash from the left, and Johnson’s movie is no exception.

Producers are disappointed that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has given
the film an R rating.

Disappointed… but not surprised.

“We had hoped that (the rating) would be different, but due to the political climate, and the fact
that we’re in Hollywood, it doesn’t surprise us,” director Chuck Konzelman told Catholic News
Agency .

The R rating was apparently given for “violence,” including a re-enactment of Abby Johnson
bleeding on the floor of her bathroom.
But other films full of incredibly violent images and sexual acts are only given a PG-13 rating.

The directors have a feeling the R rating is because Hollywood doesn’t want anyone discussing
the subject matter – the slaughter of the unborn — especially young people who are part of their
targeted indoctrination agenda.

Those who have seen it say there is no violence in the film, other than talking about the inherent
violence of abortion. It contains no nudity or profanity.

The directors say they knew they were “making a pro-life movie in a pro-choice city,” but that it
was not going to stop the honesty of their film.

Abby Johnson has become a warrior for the unborn, a devout Catholic, and the salvation of
thousands of unborn children, their mothers, and the abortion workers who want out.

As her story is spread through her book and film, there is hope that more will answer her call to
defend life and reject the excuses and rhetoric of the left.

What do you think of Johnson’s powerful story of the horrors of what she encountered working
at Planned Parenthood?

Will you go to see Unplanned ? Leave us your comments.




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