A Left-Wing Judge Orders Death Of Immigrant Baby

Politics and media have been in a frenzy recently. It seems that name calling is the left’s key defense tactic. Unfortunately for them, it holds very little weight in sound reasoning.

The principles of liberals are wavering, subjective, and relative; depending on whoever was offended last. This is shockingly evident in a recent court proceeding where an Obama appointed judge defied an agencies legal rights to harm an immigrant.

A young woman in the custody of the Health And Human Services Department was court ordered to receive a speedy abortion, even though, it’s the HHSD’s established policy to”refuse to facilitate abortions.”

On Wednesday, liberals showed their true colors when they wouldn’t let the Trump administration save the life of an immigrant baby.

TheDailyWire reported:

A teenage girl is currently in federal custody after coming to the country illegally from Mexico. She’s 15 weeks pregnant and wants an abortion, but the Trump Administration has refused to facilitate the procedure.”

The left could not stand for this good deed to go unpunished. An American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) judge, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan of Washington, D.C., ordered the government to take the life of the young lady’s child.

The teenage girl, who they are calling “Jane Doe”, was told by Judge Chutkan that she could be taken to the abortion clinic “promptly and without delay”, to postpone could “harm her health”, according to Statesman.

How inconvenient it would be for this teenage girl to endure additional discomforts during her child’s execution.

It was said by the leftist judge the illegal immigrant was “legally entitled” to the “desired” abortion, according to Statesman.

Jane Doe is here illegally. She is not a citizen;therefore, she is not entitled to the rights afforded by this great country.

The Trump administration has been called bigots, racists, and much more. Let’s take meticulous notes here on the fact that the left is trying to kill an immigrant, while the Trump administration is fighting to keep them alive.

Daily Wire reported on additional steps Republicans have taken to save the lives of those they are accused of caring nothing about:

“In fact, the Trump Administration has prevented the deaths of many unborn children by taking girls at federally-funded shelters to pregnancy resource centers rather than abortion clinics.”

Another claim by the left in their plea for a swift and senseless murder is that the Mexican girl is being held hostage, that simply is just not the case.

Doe is currently in the custody of the Health and Human Services Department. Under the representation of Eric Hargan, secretary of the department, it was made clear the young mother was free to go home at any point if she so wished.

The problem is that she does not want to go home. She wants the federal government, i.e. me and you, to front the bill on her desire to be irresponsible.

There are many dilemmas at bay. There is the one of prime importance, and that being the one concerning the lack for sanctity of life. The danger of individuals being able to decide when one deserves to live or die has effects we are just beginning to see the dire repercussions of.

According to the Daily Wire,

“ The Justice Department has argued that we cannot give pregnant minors an incentive to cross the border illegally in order to get abortions, which will often be tax funded.”

We have seen in the immigration debate, the left-wing media trying to appeal to compassion concerning the illegal immigrant children.

It is appalling, and horrifying that the same group of people that claim compassion for children are willing to order their merciless dismembering (D&E abortion).

The shameless display by the liberal judge lacks dignity and respect. This is what the Trump administration was trying to provide for the young lady and her unborn child.

Thankfully, Eric Hargan appealed this egregious act and halted the abortion for now.

Statesman reported:

The order by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia still allowed the 17-year-old to receive abortion counseling and a sonogram — required first steps for an abortion in Texas — but blocked the lower court’s order requiring officials to let the teen receive an abortion Friday or Saturday. An emergency appeal by Eric Hargan, acting secretary of the Health and Human Services Department, argued that the teenager is in the agency’s custody and is therefore subject to its policy of refusing to facilitate abortions.”

It is unsure how this case will carry out. It is clear, however, that the Trump administration is doing everything they can to protect the young immigrant and her unborn baby, while the left is trying hard to put her in danger and end the life of her baby.

This case will not get the media coverage it deserves because it is unable to be twisted in a positive light to suit the liberal agenda.

Please let us know in the comments section if you think it is preposterous for an abortion to be considered a “constitutional right” for a non-citizen.