A Look At The Most Violent US City, And The Shocking Reason Why

The United States has an increased amount of riots and protests these past few years, with many left-wing fringe groups looking to get attention for the “injustices” they believe have occurred.

Shouldn’t the message society yearns to embody be “all lives matter”and“anti-hate”? Ideologies have surpassed basic survival instinct, as human race aims to harm one another on the basis of opposing principles.

The 2016 presidential election has sparked violent tendencies in the liberal population. President Trump’s victory was sorely handled by Democratic supporters, and the nation is getting the brunt of it.

However, no one is feeling the repercussions of these fits of rage like Portland, Oregon. This progressive liberal town is known for its unwavering biases.

Portland takes pride in the fact they have almost completely converted to a bicycle and pedestrian society. They are extremely environmentally conscious with alternative lifestyles a must.

Sadly though, as they have progressed toward a liberal society, they have also progressed toward a violent society. Is it a coincidence? We have come to find out it’s not.

Violent clashes between those of differing political views has a origin in recent history to the brawl between Nazi and Ku Klux Klan members with the Communist Workers’ Party at a protest in 1979.

The Greensboro Massacre, as the violent brawl became known, was “one of America’s most notorious acts of political blood-letting”, according to Politico.

Since Trump’s victory, Portland’s more political residents have been on a rampage. Setting the activist bar high, the group Antifa has ignited dozens of protests that have ended in bloodshed and extensive property damage.

Politico reported:

Left wing “antifas,” wearing red bandana masks alongside other far-left protesters, have rioted multiple times and caused millions of dollars of damage, with threats from left wing groups even forcing the cancellation of a parade because it featured a float from the local Republican Party.”

Antifa, standing for anti-fascism, claims to be an anti-Nazi group that is intolerant of the perpetuation of far-right totalitarian style government.

Although, many members of the Antifa activist party are anarchists and “punks”, as the Oregonian depicted themwhen speaking on the sheer demolition they have caused the city of Portland.

The city of micro-brew beer and weed has far surpassed the “old school” protests of holding an informative sign or yelling out the injustices of the world.

Antifa’s intolerance of opposition is dangerous and un-American. They have declared on their Facebook page that they will stop fascism (or anything they believe to resemble it) by “any means necessary.”

Mark Pitcavage researches domestic political extremism for the Anti-Defamation League, and warns us of the impending danger from Left-wing fringe groups in Portland:

My big concern is sooner or later is that we’re going to have another Greensboro Massacre type of event. This is so unlikely to end well.”

It has been noted by experts that using violence as a means of change has been historically ineffective for the Antifa group, yet they continue to operate by this protocol.

This proves that the goal of members of this illogical coalition is not to produce a real change for the “better”but to incite chaos and fear into their enemies.

The irony, also, lies in that they often destroy their hometown while protesting non-resident issues.

Politico reported:

Shortly after Trump’s election, anarchist and far-left protesters rioted in Portland, bringing at least a million dollars’ worth of damage—and resulting, in the eyes of the Department of Homeland Security, in “domestic terrorism.” Further riots followed Trump’s inauguration, and more in the months thereafter.”

This event preceded a riot incited by the extremist group at a “Trump Free Speech” rally where bricks and feces were thrown at innocent bystanders, causing injury and property damages.

Portland, Oregon is now an unsafe destination for visitors, and for residents, thanks to liberal extremists.

Neighborhood Scout reported there is a “1 in 26 chance of becoming a victim of property crime” and a “1 in 190 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.” It is, also, said that Portland has a safe index of 9 out of 100.

That means 91% of US cities are safer than Portland, Oregon.

It is a sad and shocking state of affairs that it has gone this far, that these bullies and domestic terrorists have been allowed to harm citizens and land.

Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our constitution, but assault and battery is not. When a difference of opinion becomes violent, you have forfeited your rights as a citizen. This choice warrants the loss of constitutional privileges and incarceration.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of violent fringe groups and what should be done about them.

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