A Monster Has Been Preying On Women – And It’s The Last Person You’d Expect

We’re all aware of doctors who claim they are helping women by pushing dangerous contraceptives and performing abortions.

Then there are the monsters who ignore the few laws that are in place to protect the unborn and conduct “back-alley” style late-term abortions in the name of women’s “health.”

But one doctor is now being federally charged for shocking atrocities he’s committed against women – this time, without their knowledge.

Dr. Javaid Perwaiz has been licensed to practice obstetrics and gynecology in the state of Virginia since at least 1980.  

He attended medical school in Pakistan and completed his residency in the U.S. at Charleston Area Medical Center.  

Perwaiz moved to Virginia, and up until recently, has been treating patients between his two offices in Chesapeake, Virginia, both of which are associated with well-established local hospitals.

Perwaiz was arrested last week on federal charges of health care fraud and making false statements about his practices and is being held without bond as a flight risk.

His alleged crimes are horrific – but the most shocking part is that he has been under investigation multiple times over the years and was still in practice.

The FBI opened an investigation into Perwaiz’s medical practice in September of 2018, following a call from a hospital employee that he was performing multiple unnecessary procedures on women – without their consent.

Hospital staff also informed the FBI that Perwaiz was performing far more surgeries than any other physician, to the point that it became clear that something sinister was going on.

He seemed to often prey on Medicaid patients — 40 percent of whom were operated on, and over 40 percent of those were operated on multiple times by the doctor – far greater than the norm for his area of practice or the national average.

And then came the complaints from patients who had just happened to learn of the evils done to them at the hands of this physician as records were uncovered or they sought separate medical treatment.

One woman was seeing another doctor to determine why she was having trouble conceiving and found that while seeing Dr. Perwaiz in 2014, he had removed her fallopian tubes without her consent or knowledge.

Another patient went to Dr. Perwaiz thinking she had endometriosis.  Instead of verifying it through tests or trying other treatments, he led her to believe that a yearly dilation and curettage – where tissue is scraped from the uterus — was necessary.  

He would even schedule the procedures without seeing her in advance.

And a breast cancer survivor who was told she had abnormal pap smear results went in for a follow-up with Dr. Perwaiz in 2012 and was led to believe that pre-cancerous cells were present.

The doctor encouraged her to have a hysterectomy, but she wasn’t ready to consider that option.  Instead, she agreed to an outpatient surgery, during which her ovaries would be removed.

When she woke up from anesthesia, she was shocked to find that Dr. Perwaiz had gone ahead with the complete hysterectomy and had perforated her bladder while doing so.  She developed complications and spent nearly a week in the hospital.

During the investigation, it was found that Dr. Perwaiz billed the procedure as an “elective” surgery – and most shocking – that no pre-cancerous cells were ever found in the woman who feared her cancer was returning.

Patient after patient was scheduled for hysterectomies, tubal ligations, and D&Cs, often with no explanation.

Did the doctor use scare tactics and give false medical information to his patients in order to have them consent to surgery?  And did he bill insurance for scores of unnecessary surgeries to line his own pockets?

Investigators think that is the case, most often with Perwaiz convincing these women they would develop cancer if they didn’t have the surgeries.  And many had far more extensive procedures while under the knife than what they had been expecting.

The biggest unanswered question in this tragic scandal, however, is why was Dr. Perwaiz allowed to continue to practice medicine?  

Investigations into his clinical judgement, performance of unnecessary surgeries, and insurance fraud started almost as soon as he began practicing medicine in Virginia.

He has been sued for malpractice at least eight times by women who said he provided sub-standard care, used overly invasive techniques, or coerced them into unneeded procedures with false information.

At least three women suffered irreversible injuries, and at least two others had injuries that were life-threatening.

The Virginia Board of Medicine’s website shows records of at least eight notices of investigation or orders of probation against Dr. Perwaiz between 1984 and 1999.  

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He was suspended more than once, and then reinstated to prey on more women.

In 1996, he was convicted of tax evasion and his medical license revoked, only to have it reinstated two years later.  (He received probation rather than jail time.)

Is he mentally ill?  A con man?  A sociopath?  Likely all of these.  

But no one may ever know the true reason behind his decades of physical and emotional carnage against the women in his care.

What we do know is that these women will suffer a lifetime of consequences due to the sick mind of a doctor who made an oath to “do no harm.”  

Like medical experiments committed in Nazi concentration camps, these procedures have caused a type of trauma that can never heal.

Hopefully this time around, authorities will take a good, hard look at Dr. Perwaiz’s decades of incompetence and carnage and not only permanently revoke his license, but jail him on fraud and assault charges.

Mommy Underground will keep you updated on any developments in Dr. Perwaiz’s case.  

What do you think of the atrocities that Dr. Javaid Perwaiz was able to commit for so many decades – even though he had been under investigation previously?  Leave us your comments.